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    facebook dating relationship from a distanceIt's an amazing thing to go through a 26 year marriage, then divorcing that woman and ending up with the women that you've actually mapped out as your perfect partner – and all that last part was made possible by, of all things, Facebook dating.

    A long distance dating relationship using Facebook

    To cut a long story short, and after 6 months after my divorce, I decided to get back on the wagon and think about dating again. Now, I was 50 years old and it's been over 25 years since I was on a date so I hadn't the foggest idea what to do next :)

    Being TheGeek, I went to Google and spent a fair while discovering what guys are doing these days when it comes to dating. I turned away from the Pub and Club scene. I then spent some effort in mapping who it was that I'd love to meet – more on that technique in another story if people have an interest. I decided to use Facebook for dating – and it worked incredibly for me.

    I met some really wonderful women and had some great relationships through Facebook dating. And in February 2009, I met my wife Pam through Facebook and she was living in Cape Town, South Africa, at the time. Who'd believe that? Talk about remote long distance relationships dating :)

    We did Facebook Chat, MSN, Skype Voice and Skype Video and met for the first time in Bali since I was over there for a conference. Amazing time in Bali, after which I flew to Cape Town for a month to be with her. Yada yada yada and now we're married and living in Scarborough Queensland,, Australia.

    Long distance can really work

    I'll blog more on how long distance relationships can be successful too. Technology is enabling all of us with the capacity to have a much further reach in both business and personal relationships, these days. And internet dating is going along for the ride too.

    Point is, keep a very open mind for your next dating opportunity – you might be surprised what you're simply overlooking at the moment. Be clear who it is you're trying to attract into your life and remain positive and open for these people to come into your life.

    Anyone have any Facebook dating relationship experiences they'd like to share?

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    I'm not sure about facebook dating, it seems like it's an avenue for bragging and that's about all. I would trust a dating site, I know several success stories from friends.

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    You should do that and help us get it going – and tell your friends as well.

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