LDRs and Getting Satisfaction Guaranteed

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  • Marie
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    lol when I joined this group I never ever thought I'd be getting in a damn long distant relationship lol always seemed to be way too hard to manage. well, I've been smitten by the love bug with a guy I met at a work seminar and I can't seem to shake him from my mind.

    He lives on the other side of the country to make matters worse. I think I can deal with the conversation side of things but I'm not so sure about the sex thing. I've always enjoyed being open on this and active but the distance and lack of real contact isn't something I've ever dealt with before.

    Any pointers people?

  • Mitch
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    oh my goodness Marie hahaha who'd have ever thought you'd be in one of these hahaha

    You're about to behold something very different I can tell you lol I'm in one myself. well, have been for the past 6 or more months to a lady in Thailand. It can be tough too as well as the sexual side of stuff.

    Not sure if you've grabbed Martin's ebook yet but Skype is going to be your friend. I know for me it has and once I was able to relay what I thought we both needed to do, to my girlfriend, sex or visual sex became quite a turnon and something we really do both look forward to but it doesn't beat the real thing either. Just a great stopgap lol

    Have you brought this up with this guy of yours yet and does he have any ideas or even been in the same situation himself before?

  • Martin
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    What is healthy Marie is that you are openly concerned and want to make sure this aspect of your pending long distance relationship sails smoothly through what is often a challenging area. And it doesn't have to be.

    Mitch is so right to. There are heaps of creative ways to express human sexuality when separated by distance. Do talk about it with your new guy so you are both comfortable in anything new. Skype is certainly a winner. Also think about the just voice and words too – I liken that to the sensuality that can often be carried by the spoken word – dirty talk, if you get what I mean.

    Provided trust and confidentiality is present, love notes and private pics can also be a real turnon but be protective so those things don't leak since the Internet can also be a little dangerous.

    I'd suggest you guys talk about and start with Skype and go from there.

  • Marie
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    Love the caring and suggestions, guys so thank you for some things to start out with.
    Jake and I tried out Skype last night. Lol. Well, I must say it turned out to really be quite erotic, different and wonderful. Sure did take the edge of my yearnings lol
    It was a little kinky if you ask me and we both loved it. And talking about it before and after made it just seem OK.
    Now I wonder what's going to be next lol?

  • Anonymous
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    Been in a long distance relationship myself with my husband for one and half years and It was very difficult for both of us. But fortunately, we were able to be together when I moved with my husband and found a nice job there. Now we'e living happily for 4 years. Hopefully, your long distance relationship will turn into normal relation soon.

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