Split Family Woes – Just A Learning?

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    I was looking for some opinions from readers, on this one.

    Brief background for those that don't already know – remarried with a 12 year old son from previous marriage. Relationship with ex-wife is pretty amicable, though I'm sure there's a bit of a power-play going on sometimes.
    I cut my ex-wife a hell of a lot of slack when it comes to the time I have my son. That's usually only for Saturdays since she likes him to attend church on Sunday. He's growing up so church is really pretty much a social event for him these days, seeing mates that he's known for a long time (his words as well).
    The weird situation at the moment is my step-son is staying with us from the UK for 3 or so weeks and he and my own son get on like a house on fire – they've become great mates in a really short time. That's due to them both being ‘gaming freaks' on PS3 and Xbox360. I also gave my ex-wife a month or so notice that I'd like my son to stay over for the entire weekend while the stepson is visiting.
    Well, for 2 of the weekends she's organised things that see me having my son until midday on the Saturday. I was gobsmacked. Personally, it sounds like she simply doesn't want to be left alone and organises stuff to make sure my son is under her control. This coming weekend I put my foot down and insisted she reorganise what she's put in place. She didn't reorganise and instead said he can take a day off school on the Friday – well, that's about the best I can do and prefer to avoid too much conflict.
    So, my question to other readers is, does this sort of thing happen to you and/or what other thoughts do you have as possible explanations for her behaviour?

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