Bicarb Soda and Teeth

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    OK, well, here's one I thought I'd plonk in.

    It's all about teeth and whitening – I'm sure lots of you probably already know it but I didn't so it's share time.

    I see all these Spammy teeth whitening ads and the cost to a dentist for it is pretty high too. Well, a little bit of Googling reveals that even dentists say this works so I've been giving it a go and it works. Teeth are indeed growing more white.

    Bicarb of Soda and a teaspoon of salt. Put in a small container next to the tooth brushes and once a week dab into the mixture and brush for a few minutes, let stand in there for another minute or so and rinse. Don't do more than once every 5 days due to enamel but I can say it does work.

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    Yeah, I've tried it and It really cleans and makes your teeth white than any toothpaste.

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