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    For the past 2 years I cycled to work every day then shower & change before work. Recently a guy I work with stopped me as I arrived to discuss a meeting and followed me into the lockers, it seemed important that we talk at the time but now he is always around when I arrive and talks to me as I change, not about work but mostly but just stuff. I don't think he's gay as he's heterosexual relationship & always seemed like a nice guy but we've only ever been colleagues not friends. I'm used to showering in the gym but I'm getting creeped out that he is hanging around almost every day for no good reason – he sees me naked more often than my girlfriend. I tried coming in earlier but he noticed straight away as he asked if I was snowed under at work – AWKWARD. I feel like maybe he needs a friend & under different circumstances we might have become good friends but I don't know if I can be that friend now.

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    Seems like a creep to me. If I was in this situation, I will feel if he is invading my privacy. So, I think try to get rid of him ASAP and tell him strongly that you don't like him hanging around especially when you're in shower or chaning.

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    Is there any reason why you don't simply try and discover if he's just a lonely guy? or having trouble at home and needs a guy's point of view.
    People jump too quickly to the negative side of things these days.
    Yeah, sure it might appear creepy by the way you describe it. It may also be completely innocent too.

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