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  • Mitch
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    Here's my first tip that I discovered by accident the other day.
    It's about how totally silly it is to buy shaving cream all the damn time.

    I ran out and thought what did the people in the old days used to use and also remembered an ex-girlfriend shaved her legs in the bath using plain old soap.

    Well, I tried it and must say that old fashioned hand soap was both easier to use, more convenient and the cheapest shaving cream known to man. I loved the shave even more than the fancy shaving cream too.

    I'm sold so pass on this first tip to a guy you know haha

  • Martin
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    Great idea for the new group, Mitch and thanks for taking the initiative and creating it as well as being the Group Admin too.
    I know when I find some time saving or labour saving stuff, it does ease the mind and, in a small way, then make my life and relationship better. Cool for thinking of it that way.

    OK, I just tried the soap thing on my last shave a few hours ago – WOW! I'm never ever ever going to buy shaving cream again! Bastard marketing making us guys think shaving cream is what should be used. We've all been duped :)

  • GaryNesbitt
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    HA I read this yesterday and tried it today. What a great shave. I'm with Martin, I'm never going to buy shaving cream again

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