What about Gay people?

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  • Mitch
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    You know, I've got a few good mates that I've known for many years. Mostly gay guys but also a lesbian.
    Thing is, I've yet to see any material on here that concerns their struggles and challenges as far as relationships to.

    Might be a great time to start for someone to take the lead and write about their own real world struggles and how they cope. I can only suggest it would be a leading light for what many of my mates say is still a very difficult time for them as far as society goes.

    What do you think?

  • Martin
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    That's a wonderful idea, Mitch.
    I really do hope someone who is also a writer and gay or lesbian will pick this idea up.
    I've got a near complete survey framework I was wanted to roll out specifically around the struggles of the gay community in today's culture (which I still see as anti-gay).

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