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    Thought I'd pop in some info about what's been going on behind the scenes, for the last month and a half – for those interested.

    You've probably noticed some periods of the site being offline, a few weeks back.

    Well, as it turned out, the increasing traffic coming to the site (from people interested in relationships and what we do) was sometimes putting a bit of a strain on our previous shared hosting and a few times they took us offline! Huh, success brings penalty, doesn't sound right to me.

    Well, I looked around for cost-effective dedicated VPS hosting and we got into the process of moving – hence the downtime.

    Downtime in migrating as well as tweaking stuff to cope with higher loads and tweaks to make things faster for a better user experience.

    So [1] we're now on a dedicated server
    [2] I've introduced an extension to the Shopping Cart to offer Deals and ongoing reductions in our relationship products
    [3] General and ongoing tweaks and tucks for faster everything.

    Did anyone even notice? :)

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