Body For Life Regime – Real Or Not?

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    I was wondering whether there's any members / readers who have had experience with The Body For Life exercise program?

    I started my first Body For Life program 6 weeks ago and I must say, I'm yet to see much difference. Now I've exercised in the past but it's been pretty irregular. I wanted to get into a program that was well known as well as one that was defined. As in, a very modular and easy to understand exercise breakdown. Which is why I chose Body For Life.

    After my first 6 weeks, I did some web searches. From what I discovered, it looks like the majority of winners have been people who weight trained in the past and did so with great frequency. And what they did for their ‘before' picture was fatten themselves up quickly and poke out stomach to make them look like they were carrying a pile of body fat. Once that was done, and the Body For Life program was completed, they'd already lost the quick body fat and regained their lean muscle and definition.

    Anyone else have any true Body For Life success? I'd love to hear about some real life success stories as opposed to the pure marketing hype. Anyone?

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    While I agree to an extent that a lot of Body For Life ‘contestants do indeed cheat in the way you're describing, I think a fair amount depends on the person's metabolism. A person with a fast metabolism is going to really burn off body fat at a much more rapid rate than a person with a slow metabolism.

    And combine that with people who have been sedintary for a long long time through there life, the Body For Life regime is likely to produce slow results. The main benefit to start is to just start getting used to exercising ‘for a lifetime'. Once you get hooked on training, that's really what the main thrust of any starting program is all about.

    Just get started and move forward without looking back. I hope that helps you and other people.

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    Body For Life is mostly a money grabbing exercise (pardon the pun) to promote supplements and extend the wealth of Bill Phillips. It's very well known the Body For Life program pushes supplements onto participants – unfortunately, unless you're an elite weight training body builder, supplements won't make a bit of difference to someone on the Body For Life program.

    The supplement makers own and control the vast majority of the so called ‘Muscle Magazines' and are in the pockets of most others who have anything at all to do with the weight training and exercise industry.

    As Mitch Brown said above, just get started. And I'd add, do your own research on the Internet on exercise programs to suit your lifestyle and steer clear of supplements until you decide to become a professional body builder.

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