Prostate Cancer – Is It About Apathy

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  • Martin
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    I'd love some comments on guys experience on prostate cancer.

    My father is currently going through the final stages of prostate cancer and indeed, he's in his final days unfortunately. Thankfully, he's now at home with my step mother and is enjoying life as best he can. Lots of visitors of friends and family which is terrific.

    I've been seeing a number of television advertising recently on prostate cancer and wondered just how many guys take notice of the warnings and go and get tested?

    My feeling generally is that men typically avoid going to the doctor for checkups where women go to the doc for just about anything – and I mean they're quick to jump on any ailment. So while prostate cancer might be a bigger killer than breast cancer, is this really due to the actual occurrence numbers being higher or due to the fact that it kills more guys as they don't bother to get it checked so prostate cancer kills at a much higher percentage?

    You know, I reckon it kills a much higher percentage due to apathy?

    Anyone else care to chime in with an opinion?

  • GaryNesbitt
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    Well, I'd have to agree here – we men are usually the last ones to go to the doctor.
    Who knows why – maybe it's the old thing about men should be tough, brave and shouldn't show signs of weakness.
    This would certainly lead to higher increases in male related disease and ailments.

    Th question is now: how do we get this silly notion out of our brain so we're taking better care of ourselves? I really can't remember the last time I visited to local doctor myself – stupid.

  • AnonymousUser
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    I dont think men are more apathetic than anyone else, I think it is a matter of ignorance and the stupid idea that “it cant happen here”.

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