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Date Night Tips – Get Some!

Congratulations: You made it through another stressful week.

Now it’s time for date night!

Whether single and ready to mingle, or married with a couple of kids at home, one thing all women have in common is the desire to look great on an evening out.

Moms, hire a babysitter; single ladies, stop texting your girlfriends: It’s time to get ready for your date!


The Outfit

Your ensemble is the thing on which you’ll base all subsequent decisions regarding your look for the evening, so choose wisely!

Consider the venue; if you’re going out for a swanky dinner, wear a fancy cocktail dress in black or – if you’re feeling more adventurous – a jewel tone like sapphire blue or emerald green.

If you’re spending the evening cheering on your favorite team at the local sports bar, a more casual outfit would be best.

But don’t overdo the casual thing – leave the oversized sports jersey and baseball cap at home and instead wear a fitted top, jeans and flats.


The Accessories

A great dress or pair of jeans isn’t enough.

To step up your look for your date, you need a few fantastic accessories.

A single bold cuff looks great with a sleeveless dress, colorful bangle bracelets bring out the boho flair of a maxi dress and a pretty multi-strand necklace emphasizes a lovely décolleté in a strapless dress or top. Avoid pairing necklaces with halter tops and wearing any pieces of jewelry that make noise.

No guy wants to take a romantic after-dinner stroll alongside a woman wearing a jangly anklet that makes her sound like one of Santa’s reindeer.


The Hair & Makeup

As a general rule, most men tend to prefer women who look “natural” – which is to say, not wearing tons of makeup, but also not looking like you just rolled out of bed with your overnight pimple-fighting mask not yet washed off.

Don’t be afraid to gussy yourself up a bit.

Elegance is what you are trying to achieve
Elegance is what you are trying to achieve

Opt for a simple hairstyle: A sleek ponytail goes well with dressier attire; a cute side braid or beachy waves pair well with more laid-back looks.

For makeup, avoid piling on the foundation and instead conceal key spots like under your eyes and around your nose as well as any blemishes or dark spots you feel need covering up. Sweep on a wash of neutral eye shadow and two coats of mascara; save the false lashes for a night out with your friends.

Subtle, pretty lipstick in a shade close to your natural lip color is beautiful, but tons of goopy, sticky lip gloss says “unkissable” – not what you’re going for on a date!


With some forethought and consideration, it’s possible to pull together a truly fabulous date night outfit to give you confidence on your special evening out.

Whether he’s your husband or a guy you’ve exchanged three messages with on, your date is sure to be wowed by your sophistication and awesome sense of style.

Have fun!


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3 thoughts on “Date Night Style: Easy Tips for Looking Great”
  1. Oh I have so much trouble in just deciding on the outfit. Goes on for the entire morning lol That’s where I need more advice I think

    1. hehe females aren’t the only ones on this, Bella.
      My teenage step-son is exactly the same – fusses and futs around til every hair on his head is just right :) We humans can be a vain lot sometimes.

  2. great post! About the lip gloss so true I have curly hair and its not very pleasant in general to wear lip gloss

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