Do You Want Dating Tips or Experiences?

Okay so let’s face it, being a single lady has tons of perks right?


Buying Shoes Is Easier!

Buying shoes we know we can’t afford without being lectured, watching “girl movies,” without someone begging to watch “the big game” instead, and staying out all night with no one to answer to can really be liberating, but after a little while, even the most independent woman craves a little male companionship.

If you’re like many single, successful and fabulous women (which I’m sure you are!) about a year or more into your singleness, you may start experiencing the are-all-the-good-guys-really-taken syndrome.

While it does seem difficult to find “Mr. Right,” you just need to stop giving the many “Mr. Wrongs” out there any of your time.

Here are 3 dating tips or experiences that should make you want to turn and run, not walk, RUN away from these men.


1. On your first date he ONLY talks about himself.

The 1st of our dating tips is about ongoing chatter about himself.

Granted people are nervous on first dates and you certainly don’t get the whole picture after meeting someone once but there are certain characteristics that may begin to show themselves early on.

Carrying on and on about himself without asking you anything about yourself is a warning sign of a man who will be selfish in the relationship.

While we have come a long way from traditional courtship roles, like it or not it’s an animal instinct for a man to be the “hunter” and the woman the “hunted.”

I can hear my fellow feminists screaming in horror at this statement but really from my point of view a man should be trying his hardest to listen and learn about who you are.

A bit of mystery is great but you should develop this by choosing to say what you would like and not because you are forced into silence due to his non-stop chatter.


2. He immediately refers to you as “baby” or “sweetheart.”

probably a good dating tip is to avoid this guy right from the start

Probably a good dating tip is to avoid this guy right from the start

Yes, terms of endearment are nice to hear…but not right away.

My thought when a man does this is either he doesn’t remember my name so he uses a non-descript pet name or he is just used to schmoozing women.

Either way, I’m not impressed and you shouldn’t be either.

A man needs to get to a certain place in a relationship before he starts throwing these names around – a place where you are both comfortable and respect each other equally.


3. He doesn’t pick up the check

Now, these dating tips are tricky.

I am all for going Dutch once the relationship is established, but let’s narrow this rule down to the first few dates. Again, he is trying to vie for your affection and he should be pulling out all the stops.

You are a catch and deserve to be treated like one.

Make him work!

Nothing worth having comes easily and by him doing something as little as picking up the check, he is showing he enjoys your company and likes taking care of you.

Of course, 6 months or a year into the relationship (or whenever the two of you are comfortable) I am all for changing this up.

But if he doesn’t offer on the first date and he is the one who asked you out, chances are he is going to be just another “Mr. Wrong.”


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