do at your own peril
Did She Really Mean What She Said
I’m so freaking confused! What’s she mean when she talks?

Huh? – Said Every Man Since The Dawn Of Time

It’s not any kind of secret language, but still, men have difficulty in understanding those simple words that women say.

Well, it’s not words with secret meanings, but simple words and basic things.

For decades, men have remained to wonder about women, their ways, their behavior, and especially their words.

Some men even think women to be mysterious creatures just because they didn’t know what women’s words meant.

And now, to set the record straight, women have a few words for men.

Of course, with explanations!



The word every woman uses to end an argument is ‘Fine.’

Just as you got the word ‘Fine’ out of her mouth, don’t think you won. She knows that she is right, but said it, to shut you up, as she realized that you will not abide by or acknowledge her superior judgment.

So, wait for Round Two.

At times when she is really satisfied with your argument, she just says the magical words ‘I Love You’ and ends it.


I Always…

She would have started at least a million conversations like she wanted this and that and has never got a chance to do it.

So, what do you think?

Do you think she is sharing her life history with you?


She is trying to tell you that she wants to do it and needs your help in it.


Just Five Minutes…

Go and watch football! It’s not just five minutes, but at least an hour.

She expects you to wait patiently till she gets dressed up. Stop! You can’t just blame women in this. After all, this is what you exactly do when the match is on or while at a party with friends. And sometimes, you even cancel the trip or program, just because of your laziness.

So, it’s just a Tit for Tat.


I Am So Sick Of…

She will be sick of many things, but she says it only when she very badly needs a break.

When she says it, she doesn’t want you to console her or make her feel she is doing good, but she wants your help and wants you to spend time with her.



There’s something for sure!

When she is in a problem, she means that you will never understand what she is going through.

But, if she has started the conversation with ‘Nothing,’ then get ready for an argument that’s obviously going to end with the word ‘Fine.’


You Don’t Understand…

She usually says this when having an emotional conversation with you.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t understand what she is saying, but, you don’t understand how she is feeling about it. If she says this, it means that she is feeling unsupported and wants your support very badly.

Just hug her, she will be fine.


Go Ahead…

Wait! It’s not assent or permission.

Trust me, it’s nothing short of a dare! She is asking you to get out of her site for at least 10 minutes.

If you linger, she will start an argument over ‘NOTHING.’


That’s Okay… Don’t Worry… I Will Take Care…

These are the most dangerous statements women can ever make to men.

In this case, she really means it and she doesn’t want you to worry about it for the time being.

But, she also means she needs to think hard before deciding how, when, what, and where you will have to pay for your mistake.


And It Doesn’t Just Stop There

do at your own peril
Do at your own peril :)

That’s not all, there are many more words like:

  • Thanks,
  • Please do,
  • Thanks a lot,
  • You know me, etc.

……. that has a totally different meaning. To be honest, it’s not that easy to learn women’s words with secret meanings. And it’s far easy to understand women’s feelings with her look compared to her secret words.

So, rather than trying to find out what she really meant, know her feelings with her look.


  • So which is the most confusing, more often?
  • Can guys really ever win and understand? :)
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8 thoughts on “Did She Really Mean What She Said?”
  1. I think we need to understand each other. Here mutual understanding is must. Sometime when we argue, we use slang or bad words. But we need to take it lightly if we believe each other.

    Thanks for sharing such life leading article

  2. This is very interesting and true, No offense girls. I have had the same experience few times. They are very sensitive about everything. At the same time they want to care about everything too. They might expect things in a very indirect way. It is better, if we (men) can be patience and try to get what she says!

  3. Haha yeah, I’ve been caught far too often by the ‘go ahead’ one :)
    If only women spoke English in such a way as everybody understood the true meaning, huh?
    Good summation though, Ruby.

    1. It is English, Mitch, just not as we (men) know it :)
      It’s all in the learning, understanding and wanting to better ourselves – same goes with any relationship with a friend, family or anyone. Misunderstanding in language has led to many a war!

  4. Next time, I will do care these unpredictable words… I do understand whats the problem but really… The guide to understand a girl is quite impressive… I do hear these words from my girlfriend.. I do hold her hand and take her care.. But, I am not there when she really needs me.. I don’t know why I am busy at that time only..

    Anyways, This post is just perfect :)


    1. It happens with everybody.. But don’t worry she also knows that by the way.. And also you can catch up sometime and make her feel special.

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback Dhruv.

    2. Bear in mind too that it’s important all this conversation stuff is a 2 way thing. Men can be just as challenging to understand as a woman and the importance lay with the determination both people involved in the relationship are wanting and learning how to better understand each other.
      That’s what a relationship needs to be about – both of you, together and learning.
      Thoughts on that Dhruv and Ruby?

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