The Road To Happiness

happiness is a committed and loving relationship

Happiness is a committed and loving relationship

I read a lot about people preferring to be single and happy.

As well as couples in a committed relationship who wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the singles, I call bullshit to you.


Male and Female Are Two Pieces To The Puzzle

Despite my own opinion on this, we’re all in search of a mate and partner.

We’re animals are our very core and like any other animal on the planet, our true meaning in life is to find a mate and operate as one.

What makes us different is our brain and ability to block uncomfortable past events from hurting us in the future.

The typical response from a painful past experience i.e our inner self doesn’t want to see us hurt again so we construct unconscious barriers that prevent a recurrence, like telling ourselves that we weren’t made to be with someone.

That’s the downside to being free-thinking intelligent primates.


Are We Happier in Long-Term Relationships? (blog)
In a study … “We qualified happiness in terms of individual satisfaction – the overall satisfaction one has with one’s own life. What this study adds is the comparison to the control group. It seems that marriage does play a role in happiness in the long run, compared to where they would have been (had they stayed single), when we compare to similar-aged individuals who aren’t married,”

Even Sex Proves The Point

I’ve mentioned before there’s a vast difference between ‘making love’ and having sex‘.

The feelings are also different between men and women.

Men in a committed relationship view making love as a structural relationship support mechanism that makes up a major love factor for them i.e. without knowing they’re desired and having engaged love making, they feel less of a man.

Think of it as physical oneness and tied to his self-esteem.

For women, on the other hand, it’s about emotional oneness.

She is more focused on the relationship and more aroused through touch, attitudes, actions and words.

Be that as it may, in a committed relationship and when sex is understood, the mutual desire brings both husband and wife into a mutual oneness that strengthens their bond.


Is casual sex bad for people’s well-being?
The British Psychological Society
Having casual sex can be negatively associated with well-being, new research has suggested. Published in the Journal of Sex Research and entitled “Risky Business – Is There An Association Between Casual SexAnd Mental Health Among Emerging Adults” …


But when it comes to just having sex (in a non-committed relationship), there are many downsides.

Sure, just getting your rocks off with someone is way better than doing it solo (sometimes) but even the search in finding a willing participant can be a right royal pain in the ass (no pun intended).

I remember when I was dating between marriages.

I wanted to find my ultimate and perfect partner (who I’m with now, incidentally).

And I found had a number of negative emotional and physical downsides and sex was certainly one of them.

It can be stressful in thinking where your next encounter will come from, how you need to go about it, who will it be with, what is it going to cost you (yeah, cost is always a factor) and if you’re going to even enjoy the experience.

A committed relationship relieves these burdens and allows an easier path to happiness.


A Committed Relationship Wins The Day

No matter how you justify it, for me anyway, committment equates to trust, loyalty and sharing your life with another.

Living your life alone just isn’t how we’re made to operate and, ultimately, it will leave you wanting and even yearning for the missing piece of the jigsaw.


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