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Mood for Romance – Is Your Bedroom Doing It?

Whether you have been married for years, or are a newly-wed couple, romance remains a critical part of any relationship.

the romance mood gets set in the bedroom
The romance mood gets set in the bedroom – Is Yours?

This is especially true for couples with children.

As the needs of the children surpass your own, you need to keep romance alive to stay connected with your partner. Even if you have dedicated the rest of the house to the children, your bedroom should remain as your oasis of romance for you and your spouse.

If your bedroom is lacking the romantic feel you need to get closer to your spouse, consider these tips on creating the right ambience.


Clearing Your Room Helps to Clear Your Mind

Many couples fall victim to the over-cluttered bedroom.

Romance is hard to achieve if your dresser tops, closet and floor are full of clutter.

Clearing your clutter can help to clear your mind and concentrate on re-connecting with your partner.

Take the time to organize your clutter and make it a point to keep this space clear and clean.


Your Senses Create Your Mood

Our senses directly affect our mood.

use your 4 senses to create a better romantic mood
Use your 4 senses to create a better romantic mood

When you think of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch, you will notice how they affect our mood.

Loud bright colors can change our mood and energize us, as soft music can calm us. When you are creating a romantic space, take your 4 most important senses into consideration.

Here are a few ways to use your senses to set the mood:

  • Sight: What we see can affect what we feel.
    • Creating ambient light rather than bright florescent light can help set the mood.
    • Install dimmer switches to your main bedroom light so you can lower the lights when you want to create the mood.
    • Decorating in deep, rich colors such as chocolate, deep reds, and beiges can help soften the mood visually.
  • Sound: Nothing accompanies ambient light better than ambient sounds.
    • While concentrating on romance, set your sound to match the mood you want to create.
    • Hard rock, polka, rap, or heavy metal music will more than likely kill the mood.
    • Try creating a playlist with soft instrumental music, love songs, or slow RnB to spark the romance.
  • Touch: If you are redecorating your bedroom to create a romantic getaway, consider the materials you use.
    • Touch is one of the most important senses that helps set our mood.
    • Using softer, plush fabrics such as furry throw pillows, plush comforters, or feather soft cushions will help create the comfort needed to relax.
  • Smell: Many people find it hard to set a mood in a room that smells of dirty laundry, the neighbor’s dog, or the backfiring car that just passed by.
    • When you are creating a bedroom filled with romance, use your sense of smell as well.
    • Scented candles and incenses are a great way to create a temporary mood, however, plug-in air fresheners can keep the room ambience set throughout the day.


Choosing the Right Furniture

You can’t create a calming and romantic space if you are not comfortable with your furniture.

Bedrooms of the past used to consist of just a bed, dresser, and end tables.

Now the bedroom is a parent’s escape and you can often find chairs and loungers in the room.

Determine which furniture makes you more comfortable and set up your own personal area.

If you want to create a space that is just for you and your spouse, add a chair or chaise to enjoy together.


Accessorize Your Room

Your bedroom should be an extension of your style.

If you are creating a romantic setting for you and your spouse, accessorize your room in sheer lace fabrics, rich curtains, and bedding that is fit for a queen.

Many couples enjoy the romance of a canopy over the bed. Even if you don’t have canopy bed, you can attach a lace fabric to the ceiling to create the same effect.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and fabrics to find what works for you.


Keep it Off Limits

As couples turn to parents, one fatal mistake many make is allowing children into the bedroom.

This is often started while the child is younger and as they grow they continue to enter. By keeping your bedroom off limits to your children, you keep the space as yours. This helps keep the sanctity of your oasis and allows you to escape no matter what time of the day it is.

As a couple turns into a family, it is important to keep your bedroom as your romantic space and re-connect with your spouse as often as possible. There are many different ways to keep this space for yourself and keep your romance alive.

Take the TV out of the bedroom.

Keep the clutter under control.

Choose the right furniture, accessorize.

Keep your romance alive.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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