Danger Will Robinson

Guys, we’re all doomed.

Here’s why:

You’re an easy target of the predation from affair-seeking women who want their way with you.


My Own Story Of An Affair

Woman having affair under the tuscan in a sheer sundress
Danger, Danger, Danger

Desiring you is an area you might not be getting at home.

I’ve known her for many years. Let’s call her MsJ. We used to work together and were great mates at work.

My wife and I were holidaying in Tuscany and had rented a beautiful 2 story villa. White-walled, warm, and comfortable – the perfect setting for a romantic holiday away.

We were both attending a local party when I spotted MsJ across the room. Wow, I hadn’t seen her for such a long time. I casually made my way across the room and said ‘Hi’. I noticed she was wearing a very sheer green and gold short summer dress.

The perfect outfit for the warmth of Tuscany.

After a while, we parted ways and for some reason, I needed to return to the villa.

After I closed the door, there was a knock. I peered through the curtain and noticed it was MsJ at the entrance. Hmmm, I decided to pretend not to be at home and went upstairs to the living area.

To my surprise, she was standing in the doorway, with the setting sun at her back. I noticed the silhouette of her entire body, beneath the sheerness of her clothing.

This was shaping up to be a weird and somewhat disturbing situation.

She had an intensity to her gaze.

There was something forceful in her nature and a determination.

Without a word, MsJ headed directly towards me and shoved me back against the wall. Her hand firmly slid down and grabbed me, gently and firmly. I was now certain of her intentions and was also strangely powerless to object.

Her other hand went to my shoulder. Without much effort, I was forced to my knees, her sheer undergarments pulled aside and I was thrust inward.

And then I woke up … hot and very bothered, by what was a very bad dream.

Disclaimer: I recounted this story to my lovely second wife Pam Allen, in detail, when she woke up.


The Moral Of This Affair Story

Why am I telling you the details of a somewhat salacious dream?

Men are pawns when it comes to female predators
Men are pawns when it comes to female predators.

Over my many years, there have been several occasions when women predators have taken careful aim and a certain strategy to have what they couldn’t have.

If I was in a relationship at the time, I was aware of my surrounding as well as the perils.

Outside a relationship, they were somewhat ruthless.

And this is where I come to the word of warning for guys.


The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men

Guys, when you become the target, you’re just a mouse.

Be very clear on that.

You’re just prey, without knowing you are.

Defenseless and unsuspecting.

Thornhill and Gangestad, 2008  …  Women, by comparison, tend to cheat more selectively. Women tend to be more flirtatious, risk-taking, and act in sexually provocative ways when they are ovulating.

  • No matter how comfortable you think you are in a relationship, the potential does exist to tempt you.
  • You’ll find the forcefulness strangely intoxicating and attractive.
  • The attention you get might be refreshing.
  • Desiring you is an area you might not be getting at home.
  • Your combined animal instincts are certainly something that will have waned at home
    • Adding further fuel to the passionate fires.
  • You’ll lose your normal rationale and be plunged into a situation you’ll regret, just as soon as leave her influence.
  • And the damage will have been done, forever …..


Safeguard And Mindset – Remember These Words

Human beings all have their own weaknesses.

The different genders have differing frailties but frailties they are, all the same.

Men are visual creatures, typically (but not always) the initiators and the hunters.

When it comes to a predatory female, most men would find that oddly refreshing when confronted by that female.

It’s a matter of reverse desire – the man being the one of desire and the object of the hunt.


Protect Yourself

Say no to predatory women
Talk to the hand
Say ‘No’ to predatory women and end it before it starts

Sure it’s exciting to be the object of affection.

It’d also be refreshing with the thought of exposure to new experiences with someone that’s forceful, dominating, and says what she wants. Typically, that’s out of character with the majority of women (which it shouldn’t be).

But you’ll eventually end up the loser in all this.

Secrets rarely stay secrets, especially with men.

Your life will be over for a long long time.

I’ve outlined what you need to be on alert for.

‘They’ lurk in the shadows, beware and play safe.

Play at home, with someone you love.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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A Dream Affair And Things Guys Need To Watch Out For 1

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14 thoughts on “A Dream Affair And Things Guys Need To Watch Out For”
  1. Woo! Tell me more, tell me more! You got a knack for writing in a sensual way – ever think about trying it on professionally? Or at least writing for Pam?

    In any case, my takeaway from the post (besides women have a crazy power over men lol) is that guys do have a choice. Some time ago I wrote an article because of a show I saw on Dr. Phil. The guys on there were talking about how they did not have a choice when it came to cheating. They said that it was built into them – and they just went with that natural (and unavoidable) instinct.

    Of course…I can’t find the article that I wrote – but in any case, there were backed up points as to why that was crap – and it all comes down to choice.

    1. Well, I’m not I’d know where to even start writing sensual material – time for some research maybe.

      Oh, we all have choices. To even contemplate that we don’t is plain stupid. The guys you’re talking about on Dr Phil have no excuse so that’s the only pathetic one they’re able to conjure.

      Both men and women can be targets. Both men and women have the choice and make their own choice as to the outcome. The only rub is they rarely give the eventual outcome much thought – if they did, then they wouldn’t :)

      Good comment, Bellaisa

  2. It’s pretty interesting to read an article such as this. Usually, I read about men who are the predators, not women. This is such an eye opener and people should also know that women can do such things too. :)

    1. Glad it was an eye opener in some way for you, Elena.

      But in all honesty, you’ve never noticed that women can also be a predator?
      Have you ever noticed a women zero’ing in on a guy in a pub, club or even a work party, in a subtle but determined way?

  3. Hey Martin! The dream was pretty much exciting! But in the end, the point is really true. There is a whole lot of predators out there and us normal people have to show our five fingers and say ‘no’ to them!

    1. Hey Raaj, yeah it was an interesting dream.
      It’s the normal people who need to be careful as there are other normal women on the hunt :)
      Thanks for the comment and glad you found the article an interesting read.

  4. “Guys, when you become the target, you’re just a mouse.” – so true :) But what about those who really enjoy being a mouse? :P I’ve been both and there’s some thrill in this… position too, at least when you know it’s just play and you’ll not be eaten alive

    1. Hey, thanks for your comments, Michelle.
      Well, my guess is that if you enjoy being the mouse, you’re either an adulterer, not in a relationship or a pathological liar. Just saying.

      So my question to you is, what is the thrill you got from it all?
      And were you in a relationship at the time when you were involved in an affair?

      1. Well, you’ve guessed well :P I was alone when playing the mouse :) So I was talking about the type of flirting and teasing with someone you know you don’t want anything serious or you know it’s not going to work.
        My thrill is all about the play, trying to anticipate the next move, finding a way to elegantly avoid it, opposing resistance, letting yourself caught every now and then.

  5. Good for you for telling Pam, and even more so, good for Pam for accepting your fantasies. By bringing fantasies into a relationship, they are deprived of much of their power. Sharing them is an intimate act, and honors the fact that we can have fantasies without needing to act on them.

    1. Hey there, Phil and welcome back.

      I don’t count that bad dream as a fantasy, per se. No idea what brought on the dream so maybe a Dream Analysis is required – anyone care to have a go? :)

      It was important though that I recount it to Pam and funnily enough, the Universe spoke as I got an SMS from an ex-girlfriend from 4 years ago saying ‘I can’t get you out of my head’ – WOW. I showed Pam the text message as well.

      I do get your point on the transparency of things – and the breakdown on potentially negative relationship power.

      Thanks for the thought provoking comment, mate.

  6. Great post – It’s an interesting take you took with women as predators – in my experience though it was my ex husband that went and sought out an affair with a friend of mine no less – so I say shame on him and shame on her to agreed since she knew we had a spectacular marriage at the time. It took 3 years to get in a position that I divorced. My ex now wanted me and her too…..I didn’t want to believe that this was happening to me so I kept forgiving, forgiving and forgiving some more – I became Mother Teresa – (JOKE)….the great thing about all this is that MakeGirlfriends.com was conceived because of this.

    I wrote a blog post last year about Think Twice before you have an affair – giving women what to look for.

    I agree go home and love the woman you are married too – if that marriage is miserable – then get out!


    1. It takes two to tango, Nancy.
      While it might seem like men are the instigators in extra-marital affairs, there are some women who are out there seeking an affair for the same reasons as men are out there.

      When I awoke from this bad dream (at a point I was thankful for), I knew there was a powerful message for me and one to also share with others.

      You must have gone through some turbulent times with your own breaking of trust too. I’ve been there myself and as much as you hope things can recover, an affair is simply a marriage deal-breaker. Magical you’re moving on with your life.

      There’s plenty of other trusting fish in the sea. How’s fishing?

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