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Exposing The Four Biggest Relationship Secrets

A relationship is not a cut and dry thing.

Every relationship is different.

There is no cookie-cutter how-to guide that will apply to every couple.

There is no correct or incorrect way to have a relationship. But there are a few key things many people are missing.

Find out what really matters and discover the true secrets behind the best relationships.

some relationship secrets are meant to be told
Some relationship secrets are meant to be told.


Secret # 1: Don’t Force Anything

By putting too much pressure on your mate, you are putting tension on the relationship. It is always great to suggest things, but it is damaging to force your partner to do something they don’t want to do.

This applies to many aspects of a relationship – from behavioral changes to the bedroom.

Along with this is the innate need for many people to want to “fix” their partner. Both people in the relationship are equal. By trying to change something about your partner you are essentially conveying that you don’t feel they are good enough in one specific area.

Again, it is okay to suggest things but trying to force a behavioral change on someone is a lost cause.


Secret # 2: Arguments Will Happen

Although arguments may seem like a bad thing, they can actually be very good.

All couples will argue at some point.

It is inevitable.

Instead of trying to avoid arguing, go ahead and do it when necessary – just be careful. This means to not let emotions cloud your judgment. It is easy to get caught up in the moment and say something you will regret.

Take a few seconds and think before you speak.

It is perfectly healthy for couples to argue and express how they feel.

But it is damaging to argue and blurt out an inconsiderate comment.


Secret # 3: You Are Different

differences are just one of the relationship secrets
The very differences you have bring infinite bonds – enjoy them

When you first met your partner, you probably noticed differences between the two of you.

It is important to celebrate these differences. It can do more harm than good if you try to be the exact same as your partner.

By having someone who is different that you there is a much greater chance of growth for both of you.
Another important factor when considering differences is to understand each person will think differently.

Man or woman, we all have different thought processes.

Thought processes even vary based on the individual or woman. So when you are talking with your partner, understand they won’t always be thinking the same way you are.

Don’t try to solve their problems the way you solve problems.

They are different and that is exactly what you need for a great relationship.


Secret # 4: Life Is Not A Movie

Although everyone may want the movie-type romance, it is not always going to happen like that.

More often than not it will be far off from a romantic film. Remember, you will argue and that is okay. You will be different and that is okay. There will always be ups and downs and you will have to adapt to that. Understand that love evolves over time and what once felt like passion bursting from the seams is now a more secure feeling.

  • Fairy tale endings are for Hollywood.
  • Relationships are for life.
  • Treating your relationship like a movie will do you no good.
  • Be realistic and roll with the punches.

By learning these secrets you are one step closer to the best relationship you have ever had. Understand nothing is perfect. There will never be just one way to make a relationship work.

Apply these new found secrets into your relationship and reach a whole new level of happiness.


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Brenda often writes for a blog that shares the best bachelorette party games. After being married for over 10 years, Brenda feels she has gathered quite a bit of insight into relationship success and failure. She often finds herself veering off the topic of party games and advising the new brides instead!

Brenda – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

8 thoughts on “Exposing The 4 Biggest Relationship Secrets”
  1. really this is great stuff, you told live is not a movie, yes now a days many people taking their lives like a movie, but they don’t know the truth, you are explained very gentle way, the 4 tips are unique, living with different way, yes we are living our ways, but we show some differences in our lives, any people follow these steps then we will live very fruitful life

  2. I believe arguments are important. Relationships need them to add spice. If a relationship doesn’t have arguments, it’ll be limp as if you weren’t trying.

    1. Good call, Arianne.
      Though I can definitely think of more pleasurable things to add spice to a relationship than to argue :)
      But I get your point about arguing adding an interesting dynamic – it’s a work in progress by both parties to keep a relationship from being boring, don’t you think?

  3. These are some biggest secrets for a healthy relationship. We many a times tend to neglect reality and lives in a dreamland. We expect a lot of things based on what we see or read, while in real life situations are a lot different. Thanks for the share..

    1. Too true, Richa.
      Doesn’t only apply to women either. I tend to think most everybody is influenced by media by what a magical relationship should be like – unfortunate but movies aren’t ever a reflection of true life, are they?

      1. Hey Martin
        They are a refection of life in some way, but not the life of each one of us is like that (that’s where the understanding part comes )..We dream of the life we read or see ( a prince riding a white horse or all the perfect Nicholas Sparks’s kind of romance ). But not everyone is that lucky to experience it. When we enter the real world from our dreamland, things start to fall apart. I have seen couples fighting over petty issues and relationships dying a miserable death under the burden of sky high expectations…We must know where to draw the line and stop comparing, as situations in real are not like movies ..

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