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My second ex-wife got a random message from a guy she’s never met on Facebook and her immediate response to the message was ‘What an idiot’.

You can see the message below – I’ve blurred identifying the guy, for the sake of a little privacy.


Is this Facebook Dating?

Does this really look like the way you’d like to be contacted, for some potential Facebook dating relationship?

It’s an interesting message to read and my analysis of it is that it will certainly gain the guy quite a lot of attention from a number of ladies … and here’s why I think that.

this is the facebook message we are talking about


The Common Facebook Dating Steps Being Used

Firstly, there’s no reference to specific names in the message, besides his own.

I’d suggest that’s primarily due to the fact he’s blasted the same message out to any and all women that he’s trolled in Facebook.

Omitting any names allows him to ensure he doesn’t make a mistake in using the wrong name as well as making it very fast to send out hundreds (if not thousands) of the same message.

He’s using an affectionate title such as ‘Angel’ – and typically, the ladies love cute ‘pet’ names and Angel is one of these as well as one that holds a woman in high regard. Following this up is a biblical verse – something I’d probably never have thought of however it’s likely to appeal to a certain cross-section of women, I’m sure.

Follow this up with a plea for help, couched in such a way that the recipient is this ‘angel’ and only she can uplift the guy in an almost spiritual and holy way – and he’s willing to do anything to achieve this.

Willing to relocate for you, the right woman.

All girls love the thought of being swept off their feet by their White Knight and this fellow pops this little chestnut in there as well.

And this White Knight is also going to watch over you – another girl thing where they’ll feel perfectly safe.

Top all this off with the piece de resistance of a nickname like perfectloverxx and the list of lady buzz phrases is complete.

OK, the analysis of this short Facebook Dating message is complete.

As I said in the beginning, my wife thought this was crap, useless and the guy’s an idiot.

Using Facebook for this is likely to get this guy an enormous number of responses he can work on.

  • 500 million worldwide users
  • conservatively maybe 200 million women
  • say 10% of these would be in his likely 30 – 40-year-old target audience bracket
  • so that’s a target of around 20 million ladies
  • Now even if only half of 1 percentage get caught up by all this, he’s looking at a hit rate response number of around 100,000 women plugging into his Facebook Inbox.

Staggering numbers really.

It’s certainly nothing like I’ve done in the past before I discovered my soulmate on Facebook however I can’t really see how this guy can go wrong when you look at the numbers.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Is this a winner or a loser of an idea to be trying?
  • Had any of these messages yourself?

Express your thoughts, in the comments below.

Facebook Dating - Is This A Technique Or A Mistake? 1

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7 thoughts on “Facebook Dating – Is This A Technique Or A Mistake?”
  1. It’s time to update the numbers Martin! You must have surely seen right? Well, it’s been about 2 years since you’ve written this! So no offence!

    PS I’m sure the guy has got a right partner, or some temporary right partners (:D), by now!

    1. Yeah, just double all those numbers, Raaj, and you should be good to go :)
      And I’m sure the guy is still out there fishing if he’s using these same tired and cheesy techniques.

  2. Martin,
    Thans for posting this, unfortunately, there are so many women who will buy into this garbage.
    I forever amused at the different formats that are used.
    Yet, with saying that I am over the crap.

    For me it is time to truly put up my boundaries, it clearly stating where I sit.
    And Yes, I do delete, block and report as all the cases are required.

    Everybody loves being nurtured and loved and unfortunately these messages can open to hope in some women, and Yes, I also realise this can happen to men as well.
    So like everything, especially on the internet, building relationships and "real" communication is the key which may open the door to what you and your beautiful wife have created.
    Much love and Light

    1. It's certainly a must-do to ensure your own safety on the Internet as a first priority, Tetka – that's for sure.

      These scammers are going to target men and women whereever they can find an opportunity. Due to Facebook's size, it's an obvious entry point for their kind of emotional destruction so it's good you're taking action to ensure your safeguard.

  3. The problem with the messages you get like that from Facebook is that 99.999999% of them turn out to be Nigerian scammers trying to get your contact information. Several of my friends and I have all received similar messages during our stay on Facebook, and every time it's turned out to be part of this scam. The best thing your wife can do is report them to the Facebook team, and warn her friends about it.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Jes.

      If there's one thing for sure in this world, is that there are a lot of weird people floating around using the Internet for their strange acts and Facebook is certainly included in the tools of the trade. I've had a number of Nigerian messages myself that I've reported back to Facebook – I'd be interested to know whether they actually take any action other than simply delete the account (which means nothing as another account will just get opened).

      My wife quickly deleted the message soon after I took that screen shot since, as I already said, she thought the message was an insult to a woman and the guy (if it was a real guy) was an idiot. Thanks again for your comments.

  4. He is going to be in for a busy time. Maybe he would like some help in the interview process. The Jock is too busy watching or playing sport. thank you …

    I bet his yahoo account is overflowing already, good luck buddy. if you find the One. yeehaaa

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