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Spicing Up The Bedroom Sessions Will Get Your Man Going!

We’ve all been there.

Your once very hot, very sexy, very over-the-top bedroom romance sessions have fizzled.

Sure, you and your man may still affectionately hold hands in public, lovingly cuddle when you’re watching your favorite series, or routinely schedule a romp in the sack at least once a week, but you’re starting to notice something different.

sex and spice - a clear relationship winner
A women’s perspective on bedroom spice
And why you’ll win by taking an active interest

Maybe the sex isn’t as adventurous as it used to be.

Maybe you’re entering that stage of a relationship when comfort reigns over adventure.

Maybe you’re – okay, I’ll say it –bored with the sex you’ve been having.

There is no need to fret.

In fact, most couples report some boredom in their sex lives every once in a while. Does that mean that your relationship is doomed and that you’ll remain an old maid from here to eternity? Certainly not. Does that mean that you have to accept that your sex life will be boring from now on? Absolutely not!

Just like anything else in life, sex sometimes requires a change of pace, a change of scenery, and a change of routine.

And if you think that doing the same horizontal mambo every week is going to get you or your partner roweled up, you’re wrong.

Here are five ideas on how to seduce your man and put the spice back in your sex life.


Update Your Wardrobe In And Out Of The Bedroom

seductive clothing to get your guy hot
You already love wearing sexy clothes
Learn to do it again

Sometimes when we get into loving, supportive relationships we get comfortable.

Too comfortable, in fact.

Here’s an idea on how to dress around your man when your sex life has flat lined:

Go back to the way you dressed when you first started dating. I take it you didn’t wear sweat pants and Nike running shoes out to dinner?

Men sometimes read into whether or not a woman is interested in having sex based on her body language and outward appearance, so try showing a little bit of skin when you want to get it on.

Instead of dressing for comfort, put on something adventurous like a backless dress, a semi-see-through blouse, skinny jeans with heels, etc.

You know what your man likes, so if you want to get him to rip your clothes off, it’s important to wear something that shows him you want them ripped off.

Try mixing up what you wear in the bedroom also. If wearing cute pajamas or big t-shirts is your thing, see if there are some cute new bras, undies, or lingerie sets you can invest in.

That is the quickest and most effective way to say, “I want you here and now.”


Get To Sexting

surprise your guy with sexting
The pen is mightier …..
His imagination will go totally nuts when he gets your sexy messages …

We live in a time when we can always be in contact with one another.

It’s been a blessing to modern relationships, especially when it comes to sexting.

Let’s say you’re going throughout your day when all of the sudden you realize you want to have sex that night. That’s awesome!

Now what do you do?

Well, you’ve got to tell your man. For those who are really adventurous, calling and telling your man you want him is perfect. But for the rest of us who are a little shy, sexting is a gift from God.

Whenever you are thinking about doing the dirty with your man, go ahead and send him a little short note telling him about it.

You can start out by saying:

  • “I can’t wait to have you on top of me tonight”
  • “I wish I was home with you in bed right now”
  • “If only you knew what I’m going to do to you tonight” etc.

There is essentially no end to all the sexy things you can say, and your man will thank you for it. So what are you doing?

Get to sexting!


Talk Dirty

talk dirty in bed
If you aren’t doing this, you and your man are really missing out.

Dirty talk is an oldie, but a goodie.

Ever since the beginning of sexual behavior, people have explored dirty talk, and why shouldn’t they?

If all we did was stare into each other’s eyes, things would get old real fast. Perhaps you’ve already enlisted dirty talk in your bedroom demeanor.

That’s perfect, but do you often find yourself saying the same things over and over?

Join the club.

A lot of people are afraid to venture beyond their comfortable bedroom lingo.

We often hold back in the fear that what we say might be off-putting.

Fear not; just try a few new phrases and see what happens.

Your man will draw excitement just from the fact that you are incorporating some adventure into your “sex conversations.”

The best way to go about it is to come up with ones that directly relate to him and his sexual stamina, such as:

  • “You’re so hot,”
  • “You’re so amazing,”
  • “I couldn’t wait to get you naked tonight,”


Talk About Sex When You Aren’t Having It

talk about sex honestly
Talk about it and use the words.
This will further bond your partnership through truth and honesty

One of the most underused tips in sex is discussion.

No, I’m not going back to dirty talk.

I’m talking about sitting down with your guy and telling him what it is that turns you on, what you like that he does to you, what particular spots make you climax, how much time you like to use on foreplay, what positions you don’t particularly like, etc.

Some women are so concerned about offending their man that they aren’t able to say the things they do and don’t like about sex with their partner.

Where does that get you?

Nowhere! Do yourself a huge favor and talk with your partner about your sex life and what you love and don’t love about it.

By getting it out there, your man will now know exactly what gets your engine revved up and be able to throw you down in the sack and give it to you exactly the way you want it.


Mix It Up

sex positions will add spice to you both
Some simple changes will reap enormous value
Your partner will just know you’re now a participant … not a spectator

Do you ever find yourself having sex the exact same way every time you do it?

A lot of couples report boredom when the sex starts to be same.

It’s only natural that we fall into routine when we settle into good relationships.

There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable. There is, however, something seriously wrong when it cramps your bedroom excitement.

If you have to, buy a sex book and look into trying new positions and sexual acts that you’ve never done before.

Talk to your partner about wanting to have different kinds of sex, perhaps by incorporating more quickies, morning sessions, or intimate, loving sessions. You know what kind of sex you want to be having, so start having it.

However, never ever do something you aren’t comfortable with or try any kind of sex that will make you feel ashamed or demeaned.

Good sex is out there and you can and should be having it! If you’ve hit a road bump in your sex life, try any or all of these five tips to put the fire back in the bedroom.


Over To You

Now that we’ve reached the bottom, here’s what you can do next:

  • What’s one thing you aren’t doing that you can see yourself trying?
  • Is there any of these tips you can’t see yourself trying and, maybe why?
  • Can you suggest anything else that’s not on the list?

And thanks for reading too – I’ll see you in the comments.

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Angelita – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

6 thoughts on “Five Acts That Get Men Going With Spicing Up Your Bedroom Sessions”
  1. Thanks Angelita… a good starter for 5 here.

    First, (and this isn’t a criticism of your article, because I know it’s written for women), but I want to say that responsibility for “keeping things hot” should be equally borne by both partners. Too often it’s not.

    OK, with that said; one of the simplest and best ways to keep things sexy between couples is to reclaim “date night”. It’s one of the first things to go when couples get “comfortable”, but it’s such a good way to keep things hot, fun, interesting, exciting, and fresh.

    Make it a regular event, but don’t have it as a “every Thursday we go to have dinner” type of thing. Instead, you can take it in turns to organise something (a surprise). There’s so many things you could do; dinner, bowling, theater, movies, roller skating, walk in the park, a boat trip, an outing to the zoo or aquarium, a picnic, hike, go for ice cream or coffee, go to the gym, go for a drive, play games, join in at a local quiz… the list is as big as your imagination.

    Do this together and you will find that your sex life will improve. Simple, but true. (And of course if you do all the things that Angelita suggests above as well, your sex life will be on fire!).


  2. Just imagining her doing this to me is already spicing up my imagination! Thanks for sharing this. I hope you continue to post more!

    1. haha well, I hope you’re also imagining that it’s very much a mutual scenario, John. Because it is. Love, sex and friendship needs good and healthy balance to be a success.

  3. Ok I’ll go first lol

    I’m always flabbergasted by the lack of interaction on articles concerning sexual matters, from my gender. I remember reading an article on here about that too. It’s sad that most of my girlfriends are almost embarrassed to talk about it with another woman too. We’re talking about our God given right to be sexually free and we all should congratulate ourselves, every step of the way!

    Ok, off my soapbox lol

    I do all of these but not so much the sexting part. Sometimes. I’m very choosy when it comes to my men but when I find one I’m I’m love with lol then it’s boots’n’all when it comes to matters of sexual nature. I love being a woman. I love just letting myself free in what the union of uninhibited sexual freedom brings. More of us need to.

    Great article of tips and hints.

    1. Well that’s some interesting soapbox observations, Marie.
      I’m sure David (comment above) will have some more professional comment to make on ‘the why’ but I’d suggest it’s historical as well as today’s society – check and have a read on the link I’ve included on Women’s Sexuality that’s just after this comment.

      Great to hear you’ve thrown off the inhibitions of your own sexuality and sexual enjoyment, when it comes to the one you love. That’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Sharing and giving to receive the same, in love. Wow, cool!

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