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Change and Start Living Better

Fasting starts the process of self-purification

Everyone wants to be full of energy and live a long life.

A lot depends on what we eat and how we eat.

For most of us, making a transition to a healthy diet seems to be something difficult, or sometimes even unrealistic.

That’s why many people keep destroying their health with eating habits that are hard to quit.

The best way to change them is to do it gradually. In this article, we put together five changes in diet that will change your lifestyle and help you live longer. With these tips single ukrainians get success in their life!

1) Eat more vegetables.

Replace the half of the products from your current diet with vegetables, and you’ll see the difference in a couple of weeks.

Numerous studies proved that herbal products help our digestive system work better.

Vegetables contain all the components needed for maintaining the normal body functioning.

The nutrients from vegetables are easy to absorb and can quickly travel through our circulatory system. A steady vegetable diet significantly reduces the risk of cancer and supports the cardiovascular system.

Also, almost all vegetables are low in calories, which helps you remain fit.


2) Stay away from sugar

Before the invention of equipment for the production of refined sugar, people didn’t worry about many modern day diseases.

To understand why you should give up eating sugar. Most of us don’t know how it affects our body.

Firstly, sugar is a powerful nervous system stimulant – it makes it work at full capacity.

As a result, it gets overloaded that regularly leads to exhaustion.

Secondly, sugar affects the production of enzymes that worsen digestion.

Sugar disrupts the functioning of our endocrine system and causes premature aging. Instead of adding sugar to your meals you should consume natural products that contain it.

Fruits and honey have a sufficient amount of sugar to feel good without disrupting the work of your body.


3) Add some whole grains to your ration

Giving up eating flour products would be great, but there’s no need in doing so.

Just replace them with healthy products made from coarse flour or unrefined grains.

They contain a lot of minerals and vitamins that were not destroyed by heat treatment.

Wholemeal bread is even tastier than white bread.

Such change in diet will not only improve your health and prolong life but will also help you get rid of excess weight problems.


4) Drink white tea

White tea contains young tea shoots with the highest amount of antioxidants and B vitamins.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that lead to premature aging and B vitamins activate the immune system.

Many people start their day with coffee, which also contains antioxidants. But, the problem is that coffee also contains diuretics components which flush out potassium, calcium and other necessary minerals from the body.

Coffee lovers almost always have low hemoglobin problem.

But people who drink white tea have no such problems and always feel fresh and energetic.


5) Try intermittent fasting

If you refuse to eat any food for one or two days a week, your body will work better.

Intermittent fasting allows your organism to “reset” all systems and clean itself on the cellular level.

Everything that we eat and drink leaves a trace in the body, clogging it with toxins and other intracellular “garbage” that has negative effects, worsens health and shortens our life expectancy.

Fasting starts the process of self-purification.

It’s one of the best methods of detoxification.

importance of fasting
importance of fasting


These five steps will not bring you any discomfort, and you’ll quickly get used to them.

It’s a small pay for your well-being and a few extra years of healthy life with your family and friends.

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