should you risk it all without a prenup?

Love Or Legal?

Can you have love and a Prenup?
Can you have love and a Prenup?

When we fall in love — hard and fast — we tend to get high on emotions, and more often than not, become blind to reason.

We are so giddy on cloud nine that we let impulse take over and indulge in rash decisions like getting hitched in Vegas.

Once the happy fog has lifted, regret comes in its place as we bear the brunt of the repercussions of our actions, especially when the quickie wedding ends in divorce.

Divorce doesn’t always end up amicably and when you have the fortune to protect, things can get downright nasty.


Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a prenuptial agreement:

You Rake in Dough

There is a reason why business and pleasure must never mix.

Hedonistic pleasures can get you into trouble and rob you blind when you’re not looking.

If you own a business empire, you have the right to protect your assets especially from those who will try to prey on you.

Fortune hunters are a reality of life and some will try to charm their way into your life–and your bank account.

Say That Again?

Who earns more money is also an issue between spouses especially when the female earns more than the male counterpart.


Diamonds Are Forever But…

The diamond solitaire on your finger may spell forever, but it’s sad to say that the simpler ring beside it may not last as long.

Although we like to believe in happily-ever-after and till death do us part, the truth is the rate of divorces happening is increasing daily.

Marriage seems to be the new dating game for celebrities like Kim Kardashian who married Kris Humphries after a whirlwind courtship, only to file for divorce after 72 days.

A legal battle is still going on after a judge decided that Kardashian’s case should go to trial.

I’m not saying that all marriages end in divorce, only that it’s better to be prepared for any contingency that may arise if you do decide to get married.

If you want to save on legal fees, there are prepaid legal plans that have affordable monthly rates.


Proof of Love?

So you decide to follow your heart despite the possibility that he is marrying you for money.

He claims he loves you and you want to believe it with all your heart. Why not ask for proof of his love by signing a prenup? He may counter that you don’t love or trust him enough because you’re letting him sign one. That counter-accusation is sure to bring more doubt into the love equation.

If he really does love you, riches shouldn’t matter to him and he’d be eager to sign the document that will protect the wealth that you have accumulated over the years.

A prenuptial agreement may sound cold especially if you’re a romantic at heart.

Still, if your wealth will make a target for gold diggers, you should have sufficient means to protect yourself and your future heirs. A prenuptial agreement can help you resolve future legal issues and prevent the divorce from turning into a sordid mess.

If your partner is the one with the fortune, he may ask you to sign one as he may be used to people who will try to use him for his wealth.


Before you decide to sign it, however, make sure it is fair and that your interests will be protected in case he suddenly files for divorce or cheats on you.


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6 thoughts on “For Love or Money? – Does a Prenup Mean You Love Him Any Less?”
  1. I’ve always admired Jennifer Aniston and I loved her even more the moment she refused to sign a prenup, pointing that she’s betting on love instead of money. But as a woman and as somebody who has seen too many divorces, I can’t really help but be torn between trust and practicality. Still, it would be great if people didn’t need to consider such thing before getting married. Great post by the way! :)

    1. It’s a weird one, for sure, Amanda.
      I personally vote for love more than practicality myself but I can see the logic from the other side. Love rarely has anything to do with logic though, does it? :)

    2. Hi Amanda, glad you enjoyed this post! Actually I read somewhere that Nicole Kidman didn’t plan to make a prenup for her marriage to Keith Urban. However, her advisers insisted, I think in part to the fact that Keith was once a cocaine addict.

  2. Hay Tiffany, Relationships are based on trust. If the trust is broken there won’t be any happy relationship. It’s like you are in a car without fuel, moving nowhere even though you are in it. Prenup is something legal and surely it makes us suspicious about each other. I don’t believe in reassuring things like in prenup. But as I mentioned earlier trust is the key. You have done a good research about this matter as it seems. Cool post

    1. Hey Shalin – you pose an interesting point of view.
      I think relationships certainly do need to be based on trust and I doubt many would start off without trust anyway. Thing is that trust is viewed by people diferently i.e. one person could think they’ve been betrayed when the other thinks trust is still very well established. Think of it as looking through your own rose-coloured glasses.

      So I suppose with a pre-nup, some people feel more at ease that they’re safeguarding their lives in case trust is broken.

      I know it’s certainly a touchy subject but should paperwork really be a factor at all if you love and share everything anyway?

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