mystical mushroom sex toy for ladies

Things that make you go Oooooo!

Inject some discreet luxury and ultimate comfort into your bedroom antics with these captivating designer sex toys.

Featuring cutting-edge designs, safe, hygienic materials, and pioneering technologies there is one to suit all tastes and needs, fulfilling your deepest, dirtiest and darkest desires.


Best for Her

Doc Johnson was founded in 1976 and has enjoyed more than 30 years as a leading and pioneering force in the adult designer sex toy industry.


They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative products for men, women, and couples.  This Alice in Wonderland-inspired piece by Doc Johnson will ensure you enjoy faultless pinpoint stimulation.

Aptly named the Mystical Mushroom after its toadstool shape, this massager is made from silicone which is the safest and most hygienic material for internal use.

What’s also great about this piece is that it is waterproof so can be enjoyed whilst you have a warm, relaxing bath.

Transport yourself to a world full of fantasy and adventure with this exquisite toy…playing has never been so fun!

mystical mushroom sex toy for ladies
Magic Mushroom?

The mystical mushroom has a plush pointed cap and 10 fantastic functions which will satisfy your desires.

Best for Him

Rocks-off big boy red is a chunky, meaty beast of a sex toy designed for the male who longs for deep, mind-blowing prostate action.

This piece is made using the finest silicone, meaning it not only feels silky smooth but is also hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

It is soft and delicate to the touch and a delight to play with.

It is fitted with an R0-80mm vibrating bullet and has multiple speeds.

When inserted, the vibrations intimately tingle and penetrate inside working at your prostate offering an intense and pleasurable experience.

What’s also fantastic about this piece is that it offers hands-free, motionless action.

The stunning design also features deep ridges.

Prostate stimuator might be taboo for some
Prostate stimulator might be taboo for some

The tip is designed to stimulate the prostate whilst the bottom massages the perineum.


Best for Couples

Luna Beads are globally renowned as the best Kegel Weights system.

Think longer, stronger, deeper, more intense, and easily attainable orgasms.

They provide women with the ultimate pelvic floor workout.

Luna beads are an integrated pleasure and fitness system, enabling women and their lovers to strengthen and intensify their sensations.

This piece was originally produced as an upscale and more discreet alternative to the traditional geisha balls.

Sex toys for couples to enjoy together
Sex toys for couples to enjoy together

Their primary function is to strengthen the vaginal wall and make it more sensitive and receptive to touch which in turn will allow for mind-blowing orgasms.


Best All-rounder

We-Vibe 2 is an award-winning piece.

It features 9 stunning vibration and pulsation settings which will guarantee to blow your mind.

This toy can be used solo or as a couple.

The design is a soft and flexible C shape made from medical grade silicone and has 2 neat vibrators on either end.  For the solo user, insert the slimmer end so that the vibe hits your G-spot and the other vibe nestles against your clitoris.

What makes this piece a great all-rounder is that it is wireless and fits perfectly into the feminine form so you can melt away into your own fantasy world, enjoying some hands-free pleasure.

When used during intercourse, its slots inside you the same way a penis does and will stimulate the man’s penis as well as giving the female G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

No, this sex toy isn't a Star Trek phaser
No, this sex toy isn’t a Star Trek phaser

The We-vibe is rechargeable and comes with a silky case for storage.


Best for First-timers

The Perfect Rabbit Vibrator is exactly what it says on the tin…a perfect blend of stunning design and technology with the finest materials.

It has the perfect length and girth and features three exquisite speed settings and easily operated.

This piece also has 3 rows of 3 rotating beads which massage your vagina, giving sensational G-spot stimulation.

They also change direction with the push of a button whilst the 3-speed clitoral stimulator simultaneously works its magic on your clitoris.

Pretty in Pink and perfect
Pretty in Pink and perfect

Alternatively, turn it 180 degrees to vibrate against your perineum while you manually stroke your clitoris.

Inject some life into your bedroom antics with a designer sex toy.


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