live you life and not a label. Move past wondering whether you're a geek or a jock

To Be or Become, That’s The Question

The age old question of who you should be or what you’d prefer to become.

Let’s start by agreeing a Geek or a Jock can be male or female.

I know many women geeks as well as female jocks – those that like their sports and adventure etc.

My second wife Pamela  is one of them :)

geek and jock is just a label
geek and jock is just a label


Label Or Lifestyle?

It’s kind of funny really.

People are constantly looking to label themselves.

  • What am I?
  • Am I a geek or a jock?
  • Am I a deep thinker or an extrovert?
  • Am I a goth or a punk?
  • Am I a whatever or a whatever.

Did you know it’s irrelevant?

Yep, that’s right, it makes no matter to anyone else what label you’d like to attach to yourself except you!

This really is the relationship you’re having with yourself now.


You’re the one who is looking to effectively pigeonhole your boundaries and limit you belief in who you are and what you’re truly capable of doing in your life.


Balance It

I’ve often spoken of balance on the site and labelling is the same.

Well, you need to remove the need to label and instead, expand your belief in your qualities and capabilities.

You think you’re a geek?

I bet there’s also some sport you’re likely to be interested in as well.

I’d be sure you’d be interested in other so-called ‘Jock’ activities like drinking, going out with your own tribe of guys or gals, having a party in your own way, having a good time with your life.

It’s not Jock stuff, it’s YOU stuff.


It’s Future and Lifestyle

Simply a wonderful video from the late Steve Jobs – what it’s all about, folks

Let’s do an easy exercise now.

Put away wanting to label yourself and replace the word with ‘Lifestyle’.
What is the lifestyle you seek in your life?

It changes your thinking, doesn’t it?

Instead of thinking what it is you currently are or think you are, focus your thoughts on what you really want to become.

When you constantly give thought to where you wish to move to, your actions and behaviour changes.

It changes dramatically too.

You’re mind shifts gear into wanting to deliver to you what it is you want to become.

Those thoughts in your head are now refocused.

The internal radar is retuned to different frequencies.

The present limitations are now the past, where they belong.


Is It Really Geek and Jock Now?

No. It’s now change.

Become the person you’re really seeking to become as opposed to pondering on a broad and useless label.

If you have a vague label as being a geek, what really drives you?

  • What excites you in life?
  • Do you want more of it?

Determine your drivers and what brings you happiness and activities you could do all day long – become the best you can in the areas that excite you.


The Real Label

The label you’re really looking to apply is ‘I’M ME AND A SUCCESSFUL ME

I'm me so accept it!
I’m me so accept it!


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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  • Has this post changed your thinking to seek something different?
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