Consider Some Testicle Respect

Men and women are totally different creatures, nuff said as we all know it.

Nagging emancipates the guy as well as making him feel less in control

I wonder how many women in today’s society are clutching their guy’s balls, firmly with both hands though?


Guys Need To Own Their Testicles

Well, figuratively speaking, there’s many wives and girlfriends acting in an outwardly masculine fashion.

your choice of manhood options

Which option are you giving your guy to take?

I’m sure I’ll get screamed at by many feminists however, by the very nature of the gender differences, it’s safe to say that men and women will really have basic actions and reactions, based on their hormones and makeup.

That’s where I’m coming from when I talk about ‘testicles’.

Just as women love to be feminine, guys need the freedom to act like and be a man.



We’ve all got different values and priorities.

When they’re out of alignment and especially when the lady isn’t getting what she needs done, she’ll often revert to ‘nagging’.

This emancipates the guy as well as making him feel less in control.

He’s no longer the leader, he’s lost the male vitality he craves.


Understand Other’s Values

Have you ever discovered what exactly drives your partner?

We all have our own unique value system and, for the most part, our actions are driven by them.

Here’s an example:

Husband: His values involve ensuring his family is well catered for and does so through his job and bringing home a good paycheque.

Wife: One of her high listed values is looking fabulous for her husband.

Scenario: Wife is getting pissed at the husband for working late. WTF is wrong with this guy? Is he having an affair? Maybe he doesn’t love me anymore? Does he know I sometimes get lonely when he’s working so long and late?

Resolution: Well this is really just plain easy.

Ask the question: “Hey Babe, can we both figure out each other’s Top Ten values in life?”

Scenario after resolution: Husband sends sexy wife an SMS “hey beautiful. Wanna meet me for coffee at 6 over at CoffeeLovers? Wear something sexy as I want to buy you some silk underwear which you need to try on”

The wife knows the husband needs to work late sometimes so his value system is meet.

Husband recognizes wife’s wants and needs and they both reach a mutual compromise which can also be great for a healthy relationship.


Why Take The Balls?

Leave them where they rightly belong.

Forget about busting his nuts and diagnose why YOU yourself feel the need to dominate what should be a respectful and mutually rewarding relationship.

Better understand each other’s value system and highest values and apply broad brush compromises so everyone is reasonably happy and content.

Life, as well as relationships, are founded on finding the balance point from which to move forward from.

Nothing is totally perfect.

Everything can be magical in the eyes of those who weave their own destinies.


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