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Tongue Tied?

don't end up being tongue tied on a date
Don’t end up like this on your date

So, your first date was spectacular and now you are thinking about what you are going to do and say on your second date.

Many people are very practiced and entertaining on a first date, but struggle on the second ones.

You might even want to lower the expectations that you formed because of the success of the first date.

The main goal of the conversation on your 2nd date should be to keep it going and keep it interesting.

What you want to avoid are those awkward silences.


Some Reflection

You may want to revisit some of what was said on the first date.

Perhaps they told you about a situation that they were dealing with or something they were planning.

Talking about how it unfolded shows that you care and that you were paying attention.


More Of The Same

Many of the best conversation topics for a 2nd date are the same as those for a first date.

However now that you know them a little better, you can peel back a layer and get somewhat more personal.

For instance: on a first date you might have a background talk about your families.

On a second date you could ask them whether they see themselves with a large or a small family.

Only later in the relationship is it suitable to ask about the number of children they plan to have.


Hopes and Dreams

Talking about your hopes, dreams and plans can make for a very interesting conversation.

Your date may well find your passion very attractive. It is not polite to only talk about yourself. You also want your date to talk about themselves.

To get them to talk about their plans, you could ask your date where they would like to be in 5 or 10 years socially and in terms of work.

If you find out they have they have no real hopes or dreams, you should ask yourself whether this person is really right for you.


Mix It Up

In terms of the seriousness of the topics, I like to mix things up.

Less serious questions might be:

  • ‘€œWhere is your favorite vacation spot?’€ or ‘€œ
  • What are the top 5 places you would like to visit?’€


These topics are pleasant, without being too serious and you will find out whether they like to travel or not. Another topic that is revealing, but not too serious is how close they are to their parents and to which one they are the closest.

Talking about friends can also be good. A well rounded group of friends shows that someone is well balanced.

Have you ever dated someone that’s only friends with guys or only with girls?


And Watch These

One big mistake people make is to try to make themselves sound too important. The problem being that you can come off as being full of yourself. So what you should do is to have one or two stories about yourself that has some self-deprecating humor. That makes you look more humble, while showing that you have a good sense of humor.

I don’€™t recommend pushing the conversation into politics or religion, because these are topics where opinions can differ strongly. If the conversation does go there, let it, don’€™t try to cut the conversation off.

If you disagree with your date, do so respectfully.

No 2 people or going to agree about everything.

Another interesting topic is your life changing moments.

The decision and events that define who you are can be both interesting and enlightening.

It’€™s probably not a good idea to get too serious with this topic, unless your date does so first.


Sometimes Change It Up

If at any point you find that the conversation is getting too boring or awkward, don’€™t be afraid to change the topic. Just say: “€œWell enough about that, let’€™s talk about…”€

Of course there are also the topics that you should stay well away from. Examples would be your exes, anything that makes you look really bad and anything that’s too private.

If the date is going well and you want to introduce a light, sexy topic why not talk about the celebrities the 2 of you may have had crushes on, when you were younger.

Truly a second date is a very delicate time, but with the tips I shared here you should be more than ready to face it.


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10 thoughts on “Good 2nd Date Conversation Topics to Keep Them Interested”
  1. Conversation topics are kind of what I do…

    Some more topic suggestions:

    – Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years?
    – Do you tend to be more optimistic or pessimistic?
    – What makes you feel pressured?
    – Do you consider yourself creative?
    – When is the last time you took a course or attended a seminar?
    – Who can you always go to for comfort?

    URL removed – please use the CommentLuv function, thank you

      1. Martin – they certainly could be…particularly if you ask one, cold, right off the bat.

        But I’m thinking more in the flow of a conversation these types of questions start to initiate a deeper level conversation and let you get to know the person without feeling like you are interrogating them.

        To me a second date means you are past the ‘basics’.

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the article Joy. In my opinion if either party is too personal or too intense, in the early part of a relationship, it may cause the relationship to fail.

    1. Now that’s an interesting point of view, Donald.
      Do you think it would depend on the other person I.e. some people like intense conversations so my thinking is it might actually be a good thing (on some dates).
      What’s your thinking on that point of view?

      1. Early in a relationship if the other person is intense in general or passionate about a specific topic. I think it is a good idea to share some of that intensity or passion. I would however not go further than the other person and I would not fake it.

        1. That’s always going to be the fine line I suppose, Donald, isn’t it?
          Determining what the other person’s intensity level is so you can find the right level to keep the conversation at, yes?

  3. I prefer light talks on first dates. Although it would be good to know if the other person can talk about serious and more sensible things, I prefer to save those on succeeding dates (if we’ll have another chance). I would normally avoid topics that would start long discussion and debates. You’re right it’s good to start on interesting things like favorites and childhood experiences as these would also allow me to know more about the other person on a personal level. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Be yourself, I always say this on a date. Do not try to be someone else, eventually, he will know you and he should love you for who you truly are.

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