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Cuddle parties are seen to be part of an affection revolution

Have you ever considered the ways in which you meet new people?

We are not talking about the conventional ways of meeting people such as using a dating site or meeting people in a bar.

Oh no, we are talking cuddle parties.

This is a relatively new way to meet people and by new, we mean the idea was born in 2004 and since, it has grown in popularity.

This form of getting to know other people is all about using a structured format that enables people to safely learn about others while communicating their interests and limits as well as exploring consensual nonsexual touch and affection.

Cuddling parties and feeling the touch of other releases oxytocin which is known to be the love hormone.

The idea of a cuddle party may be somewhat nerve-racking which is slightly different to that of an orgy because at least you know what you are letting yourself in for.

Cuddle parties are seen to be part of an affection revolution.

The aim of the party is to use touch to the point where individuals become aware of certain sensations while refraining from taking the pleasure and arousal any further.

The main focus is on touch as opposed to a pressure to perform which is a technique that is used to deal with performance problems.

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What Should You Wear to a Cuddle Party?

If the idea of a cuddle party seems strange then deciding on what to wear or even considering what you should wear will leave you feeling slightly confused.

Do you keep it formal or wear something a little more relaxing so that you can really take as much from the experience as possible?

Regardless of how strange this may seem, it is a legitimate way to meet people and it is a good way of getting to see how you feel around others in this environment.

Of course, this is a form of dating that is not for everyone but for those who are not afraid to try something different then it is ideal.


There Are Rules And There Needs To Be

After all, this is a no pressure, no sexual touching kind of party and so, there is often a facilitator or “cuddle lifeguard”.

The general feedback is that a cuddle party is very much like a form of speed dating.

You get to meet new people quickly and you get to hug, receive hugs and even massages and if you are lucky there may be some spooning.

This is all about letting yourself go because we all know that when you drop your guard a little, the real you comes out and that can often make it easier to meet new people.


Different Touching

Each person attending has a different way of touching others because, as mentioned, this is not just about cuddling.

It is more about the touching and so, there may be people who want to simply hold hands and gaze at the stars.

You can do this with many different people and it gives you the opportunity to chat and really get to know each other in an environment where there is no element of awkwardness because all of that is left at the door.

There is moaning, spooning, cuddling, massaging and chatting – in effect it is a kind of orgy with clothes on but it is more controlled and slightly more comfortable for those who have no inclination to go as far as that.


Let Your Inhibitions Go

So, the idea is that you put yourself at ease and let your inhibitions go because there is every chance that you will be paired up with an individual who you find rather attractive and that is why it is a form of dating done differently.

The hair stroking, cuddling, hand-holding and general feeling of arousal without it going much further than that is certainly going to make you feel like you want to get to know people a little more.

Dating and finding the right person is not just about how well you get on but it is also about finding a physical attraction and that sort of makes a cuddle party the other end of the dating spectrum.

When you opt to take part in hookups online dating or meeting people in a bar requires you to chat and get to know them which of course, is proven to work.

A cuddle party encourages touching and perhaps, that is a great way of finding whether your next partner is compatible with you.

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