love quote - hold me tight in your arms

This might look like a really short post and that’s because it is :)


It’s About You, This Time

I want your gut feel on what this quote means to you.

A bit like those ink blot tests.

Look at the image, see that image of people holding each other on the beach and read that love quote “I want to be in your arms, where you hold me tight and never let me go”.

What does that mean to YOU?

love quote - hold me tight in your arms
How does this love quote make you feel?

Sad, Happy, Unsure?

So you tell me.

When you first see the image of two lovers cradling each other, what’s your first thoughts?

Hold Me In Your Arms - How Does It Make You Feel? 1

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8 thoughts on “Hold Me In Your Arms – How Does It Make You Feel?”
  1. It makes me feel a peace of mind knowing I share that kind of connection with my wife: The kind where we’re both vulnerable, asking plainly for what we need and knowing we’ll receive it from one another.

  2. Great question on what comes to mind when I see two people cradling each other – I call that wonderful feeling onto myself. I have travelled alone for over 3 years and lived in beach towns during those travels. I would see couples walking hand in hand and cradling and kissing – I would ask the universe to send me someone to match that vibration.

    I’m getting closer and closer and it’s all good!

    Thanks for this most beautiful post of love and the expression of love,

    1. Ahhh but you didn’t answer the question, Nancy :)

      How does that make YOU feel and what do YOU think when you see and read that love quote? Fess up :)

  3. Well for me, it took me back to when Pam and I first met actually.

    The love quote and the picture made up the entire feeling for me. We were both madly in love and felt total connection – this can sometimes gets lost in the day to day routine. So the words of hold me in your arms reinforces the strength of one to protect any weaknesses in the other which I always find important in a relationship – you’re there to also protect, nurture and learn from.

    The mood of the pic strengthened the warm that only a loving relationship can give too – kinda gave me a sense of wellbeing and harmony. 

  4. Longing. Saverio and I often talk about moving to Maui and just being there. We also talk about selling our house (which is way too big for two of us) and living in an RV. (Seriously, that excites us!) It would be about enjoying our time together in this life and making each day count.

    So now, I feel sad…because I feel like we are not taking the steps to make that happen, but rather just going along with our days.

    And NOW I’m looking forward to him coming home.

    So over a few minutes, I had a range of emotions.

    You are going to give us your impression, right?

  5. This may really sound romantic. However, for me it’s telling me about reassuring security from the partner.

    1. Ohhhh, romance is a great thing, Sara.
      The question is, from your point of view, what does security mean to you?

      Yeah, I’m a prying old dog, I know. It’s really interesting to dig a little deeper – because security means different things to different people. I’d love it if you’d share a bit more.

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