why can't reality shows make our reality better as opposed to conflict

The media promotions are billing this as ‘the greatest social experiment of television’.

I’ve never really been that excited by reality shows, per se, however, I happened to see the advertising for ‘Beauty and the Geek’ while Pamela Allen and I were watching some current affairs show, one evening.

I remember making the comment ‘Is it me or have these show producers picked out the ditziest women they could possibly find?’


And the Actual show was worse

And as it happened, I caught the last half of the show when I was doing some late-night Geek and Jock site modifications.

Oh My Goodness – this was one of the worst depictions of womanhood I’ve seen in quite some time. Here at Geek and Jock, we’re about real people.

Television shows such as ‘Beauty and the Geek’ have a lot to answer for. Do real women feel offended by how women are portrayed as just plain dumb?

I realize the premise is around the matching of ‘outer beauty’ with ‘inner geek’, well that’s my take on the show.

None of the Beauty contestants display anything BUT external beauty.

A woman’s beauty is certainly multi-layered and that’s very much like what Shrek describes as an onion.

Peel away the outer layer of external beauty to discover the true inner beauty of womanhood.


These shows are cheating participants

And, in fact, these so-called Geeks are really being cheated by the show!

Do they honestly think they’re getting women of substance?

In reality, they are being teased by titillation and media contrived sexual exploitation.

The show’s producers are still using those same old tactics that I spoke about in my blog ‘Cosmo needs more of the ‘C’ Word’ where sex sells, coupled with a women’s self-image issues.

What should this show actually be doing?

Try these for a start:



Where are their differences?

Geeks are typically introverted, shy, and brainiacs.

These Beauties are extroverted, outgoing, and plain dumb.

Isn’t there a fantastic opportunity to really learn from each and take the best of each as well as educate on raising the bar where each is better equipped to cope, in this world of relationships?



The battle of sexes has continual wars being lost on both fronts as genders simply fail to understand and learn of the other’s behavioral patterns. I.e when a woman does xxxxx, it might mean this, that, or something else.

Guys have a tendency to give up when it comes to relationship confusion.

On the opposite side, guys have a different communication style which lots of women are confused about.

The war continues to rage due to competitive behavior and lack of understanding.


The Winner?

Which couple now has a better relationship understanding than the others.

The world is already screwed up enough with relationship challenges.

Problems in any relationship cause breakdowns. Plus emotional stress as well as family unit destruction – where a lot of kids end up suffering that then leads to further damaged grown-ups.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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3 thoughts on “How About a Reality Show That Creates a Better Reality”
    1. Firstly, kudos on joining the site and getting in there with an interesting comment, Adam.

      When I wrote this blog, I was actually pondering on what it would take to get producers to take reality to a new and better positioned point of view – grow the potential of people instead of the usual promotion of failure and fault.

      With just a few lines you wrote, that proposition certainly takes on a whole new perspective. What would it take to do this very same thing ourselves and use existing Internet technologies to do it?

      What's next? Gather candidates for men and women interested in this grandiose experiment. Determine the duration. Script the episodes. Grow the potential in couples from a relationship point of view. Social Media advertising and promotion.

      What else do you and our readers think needs to be in place to actually get this concept off the ground?

  1. It's a sad but true reflection on society that seeing people lose, suffer and denigrate oneself is prime time stuff.
    I'd like to think the media would be able to come up with a spin-off as you describe but they're too far up themselves and thinking people just want to tune into suffering.

    Some of the crap over here are things like Stag Online and Cheaters – basically flushing out people who are cheating on their partners in some way and televising this across of the United States – sheesh, that's freaking weird stuff in itself, don't you think?

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