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Reconnecting With Your Ex Girlfriend

Many people believe that love is the only thing of any real value in this world.

pray to get the girlfriend back
Do you pray to get the ‘ex’ back? Read on

We see it on the big screen; we hear it in our favourite songs.

  • Love is timeless.
  • Love is all you need.

Some would debate that premise with the rebuttal of needing food a hell of a lot more than food.

And yet, what’s a loveless life, but eating til one day you keel over and die.

Franklin P. Jones  …  Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

But as we all learn, sometimes that road gets rocky.

  • There are speed bumps
  • Erratic wildlife

And we all have a blasted blind spot. Suffice it to say, one day you may become separated from your lover.

You find yourself asking:

This Might Be Me :)  …  How can I get my ex girlfriend back?


So What Can You Do About It?

If you are positive about wanting your ex back, because lets face it, not all relationships are built to last, measures must be taken to regain that lost love.

You may think it best to just be yourself and go with your gut instinct.

But the truth is in the midst of loss, you are not yourself and your logic is running amok.

Following a break up, what you should really be doing is cutting off all forms of communication with your ex.

Relationship experts will call this the no contact rule.

There are numerous reasons behind this, but the most important may be that you are not in the right mindset to be talking to your ex girlfriend.

As they say, “you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.”


Do You Need Rehab?

This no contact period, which lasts a recommended 30 days, is something of a rehab for you.

Except that the rehabilitation process isn’t chemical, but rather emotional.

A relationship can be all consuming and when you’re drowning in a body of conflict, both of you could do with a breather.

However, rather than a stagnant period of thumb twiddling, this time will be a proactive recuperation in preparation for a future reunion.


Learn From The Previous Journey

rebuild the confidence
Remember to rebuild the confidence

In the beginning of the relationship you wanted to be the best man for this woman, beating out the competition.

Somewhere along the way you try a little less, it happens to the best of us.

Simplistically speaking, we want to bring back some of that zeal.

Don’t succumb to the emotional straitjacket and deny yourself support from family and friends.

Socialising is an essential tool in building the confidence you will need for the task at hand: Getting your ex girlfriend back.


The Better Next Steps

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Work on strengthening friendships
  • Learn a new skill
  • Make new friends
  • Build confidence
  • Work on breaking any poor behavioural habits that led to your relationship’s demise.

This period of no contact is to be filled with loads of life-giving activity to get you in your prime mentality to re-attract your ex girlfriend.

When the time comes to reconnect with your ex girlfriend, ideally, she’ll be the one to initiate contact.

You should have a game plan for your next move. You don’t want to wing matters of the heart.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it this far so here’s what you can do next:

  • Have you ever ‘winged’ it? How did it turn out?
  • What’s one other thing you think can reconnect you with an ‘ex’?
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Mike is the author of a relationship advice blog for men who wish to rekindle a relationship with their ex.

Mike – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

23 thoughts on “How Best To Reconnect With Your Ex Girlfriend”
  1. Very interesting suggestion from you mike and all the comments here, but I need help urgently and my question is: Is it not better to quickly make amends to get your ex back than to wait 30 days since within the 30 days, the affection and the love can really grow cold and also your competitor standing a chance of winning your lady’s heart which may be the end of your relationship. I for instance love my girlfriend but she doesn’t seem to understand me rather takes listens to her girlfriend who she claims to be the best friend more than me and I wasn’t happy about it. I therefore hard an argument with her about the same girl and out of anger I said we should break up which she said I keep on saying that whenever there is little argument so she calls it a quit. I have sincerely apologized to her and have realized that I have to let her be and find a better way of accepting her friend whom she listens to the most and try to influence her best friend to like what I expect my girl to do which I know will eventually impact on her to be the kind of woman I want. Knowing her to be pretty I have the fear that if I give a gap to her that will be the end. I genuinely love her and can’t afford to lose her to anyone. Please advise me…how to get her back asap

    1. sounds to me like you’re a bit of a control freak.
      ‘influence her best friend’ isn’t the sort of thoughts you should be having.
      anyways, you repeatly have said about breaking up – do what you say and give her some breathing room

      There’s nothing wrong with starting over either.
      Just understand you’re both now single and restart the dating cycle – if she wants to try. If she doesn’t that’s ok too

  2. This is actually a very nice article to read. I wouldn’t want to reconnect with an ex like the old days, but this one is a more mature approach to friendship. Thank you.

  3. An ex-girlfriend could ruin everything if you don’t know where to step on things. Reconnecting with them in a more mature way is great.

  4. It takes a great deal of courage and patience to reconnect with your ex. Ask yourself if you are prepared Not to let anything from the past hurt your relationship again? Are you really ready to give it another chance? If not, then it’s better to gear yourself up and move on. Nice post.

  5. Nice post!! Nice tips!! But in my opinion there are certain reasons from your side or from your partner’s side which provided the designation of being each other’s “ex” So what’s the need to revive the relation and end up hurting each other again, because in a matter of time, the old love and the reasons of separation will become the topic of heated arguments and which in turn will lead to bitterness. This is just what I think.

    1. Thanks Aayna,
      I agree with you, there’s a reason for the break up. Oftentimes break ups are a result of not dealing with the issues.
      Which is why I always stress the importance of “being the change” you want to see in your relationship.
      I would never advise someone to rekindle with an ex unless they had genuine intentions of addressing the problems and building a stronger relationship.

  6. Moving on and making friends with the person who let your heart go is the deed of a mature, and strong person. That’s why I think it’s not bad to make friends with exes. Provided that you don’t have hard feelings with each other anymore.

    1. Thanks for the comment Stacey. It is a more mature move to become friends with an ex if it’s your sole intention to be friends. In the case you wanted an ex back, becoming friends with them is actually advised against.

  7. When you have shed tears already after a breakup, it’s important to break away from the feeling by engaging yourself in more productive activities. Make the most and better out of yourself. And keep it going!

    1. That’s good advice Emilia, following a breakup can be a depressing time and it’s important to be positive and productive as you’ve said, because the sadness can be all consuming and difficult to break out of. Thanks for the comment

  8. Move on and smile when you see her. That helps a lot. Take things with a positive light, and don;t forget, there’s someone out there who is better for you. Who deserves you even more than your past flame.

  9. It’s best to not shove things out of the back burner when you try to reconnect with a loved one gone astray. Moving on is key. It may hurt when you reconnect but it will feel better afterwards.

  10. I love reading all the interesting and unique articles here.
    This one really needs to be asked a question or three though lol

    Why the heck would you want to get back together with your ex-girlfriend anyway? Look I understand breaking up is hard to do and there’s that longing to get back but isn’t it really over?

    She’s called an ‘ex’ for a reason and that is that you blew it, big time.

    I agree with all the game plan stuff because that will make you a far better boyfriend. But a better boyfriend for the next girl. Leave her to find her own next guy. That’s my opinion anyway lol

    1. Thanks for your comment, I agree with you that many of us have exes for a reason with no inclination of going back down that path.
      But some relationships feel too precious to just, move on to the next one.
      It happens often that two people who have potential as a couple face a break up which isn’t mutual, for some reason. And the question remains if that “reason” is something that can be adressed.
      Oftentimes a break up is a cry for change rather than a wish to terminate the relationship. It’s like a last draw, and unfortunately it may take that sort of dramatic action for someone to realize they are “blowing it” as you said.

      1. I think I see your reasoning now, Mike so great you answered the comment from PiercedLove (love that name :) )

        I guess I hadn’t considered the ‘cry for change’.
        What are your thoughts on when a guy should call it quits as opposed to continuing to re-establish with an ‘ex’? What’s some pointers where a guy has simply blown it totally?

        1. I guess in my opinion, when a man has no intention of making a conscientious effort in his relationship, righting the wrongs, is when he’s blown it totally.
          I feel like there is potential for a second chance as long as someone genuinely means to address what went wrong the first time, otherwise, call it quits because then it’s a disservice to both parties.
          First and foremost it has to come from a place of sincerity, truly wanting a better relationship with the one you love.
          What are your thoughts on reconnecting with an ex?

          1. I’ve had relationships in my distant past that I wanted to get back together – that said, I was a total unknowing shit in those days and failed to realise the change I needed to make in myself for anything to be rekindled, Mike.

            There’s certainly opportunity for a reconnection. That’s the wonderful thing about the dynamics of human beings. The big ‘but’ though is the want from BOTH sides and, as you say, it needs to be from a place of sincerity, else it’s still doomed to fail.

            I have an ‘ex’ myself that has been pinging me for the last 3 years in wanting to rekindle the spark. I needed to tell her to finally piss off since she knows I’m married. Guess that’s persistance that I don’t need.

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