Ever Wonder About Fake Dating Profiles?

Ever wonder if that person you are messaging on certain dating sites a real flesh and blood people?

Up to 80% of all female profiles are created by the company itself!

Don’t be surprised if the person either doesn’t respond or keeps leading you on until you decide to sign up and utilize their instant chat service by becoming a member.


Online Dating Is Big Business

Dating sites are big business and the market is so saturated that the competition to keep up is stiff.

Companies are vying for financial gains by recruiting and maintaining new members. This is not to say that users can’t have success with dating sites, they just need to be on the lookout for fake profiles.

Do some research and start with the free dating services before committing to a paid subscription.

Some network sites make money from advertisements and member communication, while others like to inflate their member base to make it look as though users have plenty of matches to choose from.


Females Are Often Fakes

Up to 80% of all female profiles are created by the company itself in the hopes of snaring men to sign up and start paying their monthly fee.

do you know who you_re chatting with really

Do you know who you’re chatting with, really?

Another theory is that dating sites want to gauge how many members are trying to collect on a 3 or 6 month guarantee.

Members have to reply back to all inquiries or else most companies will not back their site guarantee.

There is more than one kind of fake profile.

Some have one word answers and minimal information and others have exaggerated information with lots of interesting details.

Scammers make quick use out of the exaggerated fake profiles in order to make money for the profile owner.

This type of scammer is typically either an escort service or port site trying to woo members with gorgeous photos and wild propositions.


Pay For Real Dating If You Want More

The idea is to have these people eventually pay if they want to see more of them.

This is a common deceptive move and is focused on members with fetishes or plenty of money to spend on webcams and chat time. You would think these profiles would be blatantly obvious, but not always.

They can sometimes be hard to spot.

Another type of scammer that utilizes fake profiles are identity theft predators. They convince members to chat with them outside of the dating service site in order to get you to install chat software or special toolbar.

A lot of people have fallen for this hook, line and sinker.

They establish a connection with what they think is a real person and so they trust them enough to go the extra mile in order to maintain communication.


‘Spot The Fake Profile’ Tips

Here are a couple of guided tips to follow when trying to spot fake profiles.

you need to research these potentially fake profiles

It can be a minefield so you need to research these potentially fake profiles, to keep safe.

The following should raise a red flag and clue you in on when to end communication or block certain users from contacting you.

  • Prospective matches might try and request an external e-mail address where they can contact you.
  • Prospective matches might tell you they are a U.S. citizen, but that they live with relatives outside of the U.S.
  • Prospective matches might tell you that their profile will be soon expiring and that you will have to chat with them outside of the dating site.
  • If you notice that a prospective match profile is overly stuffed with emotion and sad stories.


Beware of profile creators who seek only to drain you of money or steal your personal information using creative and deceptive techniques.

It makes sense to choose your dating sites wisely and proceed with cautious optimism.

Keep your friends close and your fake profiles at an arm’s length.


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