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Orgasms Are In Your Head

Sex is emotional, spontaneous and physical; it is the opposite of logic.

Although I wouldn’t exactly call myself a ‘sex guru’ I have personally gone from a person who had fairly mediocre orgasms to someone who has mind-blowing, powerful, multiple orgasms.

Quite the transformation by anyone’s books.

I’ve also helped other women to do the same, and men facilitate it in their women.

There are a few reasons why this has happened but I thought it might be interesting to focus in on one aspect that is somewhat unusual in the ‘better sex life’ niche:


I know, you probably think this is all a load of ‘tush’ (bullshit) already, but hear me out.

My vagina speaks for itself (so to speak.)

Sex isn’t something that comes about as a logical conclusion, unless you and you’re partner are looking to procreate.

Sex is emotional, spontaneous and physical;

it is the opposite of logic.

There has never been a woman in the history of planet Earth that has had an amazing orgasm whilst thinking about long division.

Irrevocably, the best orgasms have happened during the throes of passionate love making where as little thinking as possible was going on.

Meditation and sex. see it yourself
Meditation and sex. see it yourself


Don’t Think So Much

So, how did this all start?

I basically become a logical freak, I went to school, then I went to work and during the entire time I was being taught to think logically.

To make a decision based on emotion was to fail, and I was always taught to ‘think harder.’

This is great for work, but when it comes to sex, this is an absolutely terrible way to go about it and I found it very hard to orgasm, if at all!

If this sounds like you then one of the things that helped me might be useful for you too, and that’s escaping the logical frame of mind, and ‘inhabiting the body’ through meditation.

Meditation is about ‘letting go’ of thoughts and focusing attention on the here and now, or simply feeling the sensations of our body.

This is a process that we can get better at with time.

Just let the orgasm flow
Just let it all flow


New Sensations

Now I can switch from a logical frame of mind after a long day at work almost straight into an emotional/physical world where it is much easier for me to get turned on and reach climax.

Not long after I started regularly meditating and translating those skills for the bedroom that I started having squirting orgasms, now I run a website that helps teach men how to make their woman squirt and teaches women how to squirt.

It’s very hard to squirt whilst being logical but very easy when you’re simply enjoying the here and now and the sensations that your body will give you.

What kind of meditation works best?

There really is no best kind of meditation, the key is to do it consistently.

Some days it’s easier than others just to let the thoughts pass you by and inhabit your body and not your mind.

I wouldn’t expect to be having mind-blowing orgasms after a few months, but you’ll quickly see that your mind can become, calm, sexual and focused surprisingly quickly if you stick with it.


Ditch The Stress

Meditation also helped me relieve stress considerably, and stress is one thing that definitely stopped me having orgasms.

For women that’s why foreplay is so important because it allows us to unwind and move from the logical frame of mind into a more sexual one.

Foreplay is also important for squirting because of physiological reasons where the Skene’s gland actually begins to fill with the female ejaculate over time as the women gets more and more turned on.

If you have trouble reaching climax consistently, or you don’t feel turned on very easily, or you just want to have more passionate, emotionally-driven sex then meditation could really help.

Try sitting down for 10 minutes a day and just letting your thoughts drift by, by focusing on the moment, or focus on the sensations in your body.

Some people prefer to use a 10 minute timer so they know when time is up.

Walking meditation is another great way to train yourself to inhabit your body, put your attention on your breathing and let your thoughts drift by.


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How Meditation Gave Me Better Orgasms 2

This article was written by Laura who runs School of Squirt, where you can find more information about squirting, with her partner.

Laura – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

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