Will Money Buy Love?

Money might not be able to get us relationships, but it surely helps us in keeping them.

Lower incomes bring misery and so does mortgage.

For a friend I have, the end of his love story began with his habit of purchasing most things on credit thinking he’ll be able to repay.

The mismanagement of his debts lost him his money, his house, and also the love of his life.

money can't buy you love


True Story

Assuming for him the name ‘Peter’ here’s what happened with him.

Read on to get your lesions for a life time :)

About 7 years ago Peter was a college student when he started earning a handsome hourly income, something his friend’s weren’t earning. He was spending something like $35,000 annually with self-earned money so he decided to buy a Mustang and modify the car to his taste.

He then invested in laptop, a computer and on other utilities too.

He purchased a lot more with his earnings, and was fortunately able to pay for everything he bought, even when on credit.

But, then came a time when he replaced the mustang with a new sports car with comprehensive car insurance. This is when things went out of hand. He also had a student’s loan to repay at the same time and his wedding was scheduled for the fall.

But, before March he was gasping for air for not having the money to make his regular installments. For days he would eat on our money because he couldn’t afford to buy grocery.

Relations with his girlfriend also got strained during this time.

She often told him to let go of the car and get one after college gets over, but he wouldn’t listen.

save and manage money - your relationship will survive longer


Parental Advice

His parents advised him to consult a Broker and get his credit back on track, but something was messy with Peter and he wouldn’t listen to them.

What he decided to do next was the biggest blunder of his life.

He decided to raise another loan to clear his debt and also run his daily affairs. Somehow he managed to get a re-finance loan on a higher rate of interest. The next three months were great for him, he was able to meet his expenses and impress his girlfriend with all that he had, and so began the preparations for his wedding scheduled in the next two months.

Just in the beginning of the fall money started falling short of the expenses he incurred, and he was unable to pay the interest amount. Fights with his girlfriend became common part of their routine. His income just didn’t meet his requirements and he wouldn’t let go of anything.

With no money left for his wedding, he once again tried to apply for a business loan, but his bad credits didn’t let that happen. His family being poor no help could come from there too. The end was that two weeks before his wedding it was called off, and his girlfriend walked out on him.

In the next few days he was forced to sell his car too, and much of the gadgets he has accumulated.

No money, no girlfriend, and friends too parted ways, Peter was left alone because of mismanagement of Mortgage.


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