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Everyday stress can destroy your health and take away your relationship or happy married life.

Stress is a killer disorder that can kill your marriage and adversely affect your relationship with your kids or colleagues.

Man is a social being and needs company for sharing joys and sorrows.

Stress can be a result of the factors affiliated with the relationship itself or by some external factors. As a married person, you might feel stressed due to an unaffectionate partner, monetary problems, lack of understanding.

As a parent you can be stressed with your kid’s hyperactivity, under performance, illness, and aggression.

At workplace stress can be a result of demanding expectations and competitive priorities.

To combat the ill effects of stress, you must be able to strike the right balance between work and family.


Stress induced Factors that Hamper a Relation:

Frustration and Criticism

Frustration and Criticism for women
Stress affects women very differently to men

For a woman, being stressed about something and not being able to love the spouse back can destroy a relationship over a period of time.

Men primarily wish to be loved unconditionally and to love their lady and make her happy. However, your stress can be a relationship killer. Being overstressed can force you to criticize your man for no reason, prevent you from appreciating and acknowledging him, and keeping you from being truly intimate.

Such things, if occur on a regular basis, a man will certainly withdraw from a relationship.


Not Making Time for Her

For a man, being stressed results in being unable to make some time for his woman.

Men, when stressed, forget to focus on her and their relationship.

Failing to compliment her and failing to make her protected and cherished can result in a marital discord.

If you become less-than careful with a person you love, you hamper the understanding you both share, and it ultimately might result in relationship breakdown.



depression in a relationship
Remember to keep communicating, even when depressed

Stress is one of the reasons that might induce depression in you and being depressed can force you to isolation from any relation.

Stress-induced isolation and depression often keeps you from talking to your spouse.

This gives them a feeling of being rejected.

Not talking about your problems and worries can turn down the your mutual understanding.

You must share your problems with your spouse as this will make your spouse aware of the fact that you are stressed (sometimes spouse might not believe that you have a reason to be stressed until you share).


Difficulty Balancing

Being overwhelmed with the tedious activities and tasks, for which you do not have time, can result in your inability to spare time for family.

The more time you are stressed about your other activities, you are less likely to get time for family and personal responsibilities.

So saying NO to stressful activities can save your relationship by allowing you to strike the balance.


Lack of Intimacy

avoid the lack of intimacy
Intimacy and sharing helps relieve tensions so DO IT!

Here intimacy is not with the physical aspects but also with regards to emotional aspect.

Being drained emotionally and physically can turn you off for any intimate talks or actions. To make and maintain a relationship strong, you need to maintain intimacy, which becomes impossible due to stress.

Being intimate and sharing thoughts and feelings with your spouse would rather help relieve tensions.

There are different reasons of stress in a relationship such as financial problems, job-related tensions, marital problems, and parental issues.

If you are stressed due to your unmanageable responsibilities, work pressure or any other reason, remember, it is not only harmful for your health, but it might be gradually destroying your relationship.

Your spouse/children can be victims to your stress and you failing to manage the stress in time, can end your relationship.


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10 thoughts on “How Stress Affects Your Relationship”
  1. Hi! After reading the article I can’t but agree with the way stress affects our relationship. Whenever I and my couple are stressed we find it more difficult to cope with each other’s humour, intimacy vanishes into thin air and balancing our every day activities seems heavier than usual. Fortunately, a good meal and a mutual back massage session tend to work wonderfully well on us!

  2. Martin what frustrates me most is when the other party understands the dynamics of your stress, frustration etc and how you react but continues to be unwilling to understand and account for it.

    In that case it’s almost like they are choosing to not accept how you deal with stress or to mediate their own reaction to stress as a mechanism to lash out or punish for some perceived harm.

    1. Hey thanks for your visit and first comment, Ed. And an interesting one at that.
      You are presuming though that the other party actually does understand as opposed to hiding their head in the sand and trying to go along with their own business, as if nothing is really wrong.

      Avoidance is an oft used mechanism when people are confronted with a situation they feel ill equipped to handle and they feel unsure of the outcome. For that matter, avoidance is also used when they can’t accept or believe a situation could actually be real.

      And, yeah, people can create a stressful situation for others as a way to punish – that’s quite unhealthy, unfair and intolerable, to put it bluntly.

  3. Yes and the body has the same biochemical reaction to all types of stress: emotional, physical, chemical and psychological. It’s definitely not good for overall health and has been linked to stunting longevity.

  4. I can totally relate to each one of the pointers, Kathryn. We cannot underestimate the power of stress in destroying our relationships and overall well-being. Thanks for sharing

  5. This is a great article, and I think a lot of us can relate! I think a lot of it has to do with how each of you deals with stress. Some people like to be comforted, some like to be left alone. I think where the mistake is made is when you forget that just because you might want to be left alone when you’re stressed, doesn’t mean your spouse feels the same when he/she is stressed. We’re all different, and you need to communicate so you both know how to react/act toward each other in times of stress.

    1. Too true, Michael – we are all different in our own way which is the great thing and sometimes the worst thing (from one point of view).

      When we’re stressed, it’s oh so easy to forget the other person’s situation and their levels of stress. The emotion overwhelmes to a point where we become self-absorbed and selfish. Bad thing to happen but very common and understandable.

      Communication is the key as you rightly point out – if you’re able.

  6. All well mentioned points here-however, often, when one is depressed, one does not feel well enough to communicate. Many people also do not like to be around people who are depressed-so it becomes a vicious cycle-the suppressed feelings lead to more negative thoughts, greater stress and so on…

    1. So true, dipa.
      We were recently in this situation ourselves. From experience, it’s really a matter of initially coping with the stress until it reaches a point where it gets to tough to go through it alone and you reach out for help.
      How have you dealt with this situation yourself? I’m really interested to discover how you did it.

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