Do You Dig Their Smell?

By napalm, I mean the aroma of my second wife, Pamela Allen, laying next to me when I wake up.

It’s magical, it’s comforting and I love it.


Imagination in the Cot

It’s life’s little things that all add up, don’t you think?

How The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning Creates Better Relationships 1

Breathe, Visualise and Imagine
What thoughts of past positive thoughts do you have about your partner
Bring them into your mind

Try it yourself tomorrow morning.

Before your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend wakes up, lay there next to them and breathe in their aroma.

Just a subtle inhale.

Close your eyes.

Concentrate on the aroma.

Allow your imagination to expand on what their delicious scent conjures up in your mind.

Imagine colour … their meaning to you … their voice … your history … the joy they bring to your heart … only think of the good times


What’s It Mean To Me and Maybe You?

Without even touching my beautiful wife, I can feel her soft, warm touch in my mind.

I see her smiling and looking into my eyes with her loving gaze.

I rekindle past romantic interludes.

My belly fills with past holidays away with her, in far away places and dining on tasty morsals.

My ears can clearly hear the jokes we’ve had.


Relationship Heaven in Seconds

Sometimes, you don’t need to take any action in constantly looking to improve your relationship.

It can happen in mere seconds and you can strengthen that foundation yourself, with just a breath.

Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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How The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning Creates Better Relationships 2

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