imagination strengthens relationships

Do You Dig Their Smell?

By napalm, I mean the aroma of my second wife, Pamela Allen, laying next to me when I wake up.

It’s magical, it’s comforting and I love it.


Imagination in the Cot

It’s life’s little things that all add up, don’t you think?

How The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning Creates Better Relationships 1
Breathe, Visualise and Imagine
What thoughts of past positive thoughts do you have about your partner
Bring them into your mind

Try it yourself tomorrow morning.

Before your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend wakes up, lay there next to them and breathe in their aroma.

Just a subtle inhale.

Close your eyes.

Concentrate on the aroma.

Allow your imagination to expand on what their delicious scent conjures up in your mind.

Imagine colour … their meaning to you … their voice … your history … the joy they bring to your heart … only think of the good times


What’s It Mean To Me and Maybe You?

Without even touching my beautiful wife, I can feel her soft, warm touch in my mind.

I see her smiling and looking into my eyes with her loving gaze.

I rekindle past romantic interludes.

My belly fills with past holidays away with her, in far away places and dining on tasty morsals.

My ears can clearly hear the jokes we’ve had.


Relationship Heaven in Seconds

Sometimes, you don’t need to take any action in constantly looking to improve your relationship.

It can happen in mere seconds and you can strengthen that foundation yourself, with just a breath.

Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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How The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning Creates Better Relationships 2

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9 thoughts on “How The Smell Of Napalm In The Morning Creates Better Relationships”
  1. This post has struck a cord with me, Geek.

    I’ll be very deliberate in what I do and do not say because, well, after all this is the Internet – a massively public space – so I don’t want to ship out too many details of my personal or sexual life, but, well, here we go:

    The reason this post has resonated with me so deeply is because I can absolutely relate. Aroma and smell isn’t my particular focus but when I’m intimate with my partner – with whom I’m engaged and been with for 4 years now – I close my eyes, escape in the moment and literally see an array of colors that defy articulation. Not just during climax but the entire, enticing intimacy is littered with these awe-inspiring colors in my minds eye. I’m not talking red or blue or yellow either – I’m dumbstruck to actually be able to ‘name’ these colours as most I’ve never seen before!

    I’ve NEVER had that before and although I know it’s not an aroma I think it goes to illustrate your original point that, when you’re in the right circumstance with the right person, things can become so hightened and elevated – literally to a previously unthought of level! :P

    1. Wow Anita – you really have some colorful intimacy going on over there. All power to you, girl!

      I think you need to give me some lessons :)

  2. I’ve been applying this with my new found relationship and he loves the way I do these things to him. It really makes him giggle a lot and I also love the way he smiles. Thank you! :)

    1. Wow Deanne, you just gotta tell us more now.

      What is it that you’re actually doing to him to make him giggle? I think you might have discovered some secrets we all need to know about :)

      Spill the beans!

      1. Well, I do caress him a lot. :) He loves it especially when I touch his ears and whisper funny or encouraging things about him. Well, I hope the relationship will last…until the end (makes me wanna cry). :)

  3. Oh, this is just so sweet. It’s really admirable for man to do little things such as this!

    1. Hey thanks Elena.
      I think I’m becoming a little more sensitive when it comes to better dealing with my own thoughts and emotions as well as how I can make Pam’s life more enriched which in turn is good for me and our relationship.

      It’s all a journey which should be around eternal happiness.

      Do you find men are usually oblivious to these ‘little things’ though?

  4. Such a beautiful story. Pam is such a lucky woman to have a man think of her like this.
    You’re lucky you’re not already taken LOL

    But I never really thought of this before. Now I think about it, I do find great comfort with my hubbie laying next to me in bed. Hearing his breath brings a certain level of security to my relationship with him. Feeling his breath on me kind of makes me horny too LOL

    I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning with a renewed vitality and love for my man.
    Thank you for bringing this small snippet of life to our attention. Wonderful words

    1. Thank you Dove and thank you for your comment too.

      I consider myself the lucky one. Lucky in finding my best friend, beautiful lover and life long partner that I cherish.

      I’m now interested in whether you did wake up that next morning and if you felt any different, for your guy. Spill the beans :)

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