How To Be Thankful for Your Partner

In his book “The Hidden Messages In Water,” Dr. Masaru Emoto presented a controversial study.

Dr. Masaru claimed that frozen crystals of water formed beautiful, symmetrical patterns when exposed to loving energy. Conversely, these crystals became fragmented and malformed when subjected to negative stimuli and harsh words.

According to these experiments, arguably the most beautiful crystals were formed by water that had been exposed to the words “love” and “gratitude.”

From a scientific standpoint, Dr. Masaru’s studies have been validated by some and debunked by others.

However, the resounding message sent by his theories certainly holds merit on a philosophical level (particularly when you consider that the human body is 60% water).


It’s The Gratitude

Simply put, gratitude is a beautiful thing.

It’s easy to take your partner for granted. When you have a hard day at work, they’re usually the first person to try to cheer you up and (unfortunately) the first person you snap at when you’re short on patience.

Nerves are frayed by the daily grind of rushing to the job, the gym, and whatever other activities we try to squeeze into neat little blocks on our calendars.

It’s all too easy to think of your significant other as just one more box to check off on your to-do list.


See what I just called your partner?

Your significant other.

Not your insignificant other.

So, how can you be sure that your partner knows just how much he or she means to you? It’s a lot simpler than you think.


Here are just a few ways to be thankful for the special person in your life:

Remember: The Best Things In Life Are Free

best things in life are free

The best things in life are free … like L O V E

You don’t have to drop a chunk of change on season tickets or blow an entire pay-check on a piece of jewellery to show your partner how thankful you are for them.

Make use of (virtually) free technology to send your partner a quick “I love you” text or email while you’re away from each other.

This unexpected gesture will let your partner know you’re thinking of them and looking forward to seeing them when they come home.


Recognize That Everyone Has Different Ways Of Showing Love

express love differently

Difference is a great thing.
Take an active interest and understand the difference

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated.

Some people are better at demonstrating – or receiving – affection than others.

It doesn’t mean your significant other loves you any less if he or she isn’t showering you with kisses or composing Shakespearean sonnets in your honour.

Rather than focusing on grand gestures, appreciate the little moments like sharing the couch together or drinking coffee across from each other at the kitchen table.


Embrace Those Differences

You know that old cliché about opposites attracting?

imperfections are wonderful

Imperfections are a beautiful thing

Clichés exist for a reason since they’re often rooted in truth.

Be grateful for how different you and your partner may be.

It would be boring to come home to a carbon copy of yourself. Your partner may love to play devil’s advocate to get a rise out of you, or monopolise the television with football when you’d rather watch a horror movie or romantic comedy.

Take them up on an offer to do something out of your comfort zone, or use that time to do something on your own. You’ll be thankful that your partner got you to try something new you may not have otherwise done, or gave you the chance to enjoying a little “me time.”

Ultimately, the little differences between you and your partner will give you something new to share with each other – as a conversation or a shared experience – at the end of the day.


Talk To Each Other

Remember when you first started dating your significant other?

You couldn’t get enough of them.

You’d talk for hours about nothing.

You cared about each other’s thoughts on everything from politics to people who spit their gum on the sidewalk. Fast forward years later and sometimes it’s easy to feel like everything your partner says sounds like a broken record.

Stop thinking like that and reignite an interest in what your partner has to say.

Listen when they tell you about their day – even when it seems like they’re complaining more than explaining.

Know that they will do the same for you.

What he or she has to say means just as much now as it did during the early days of your courtship. Be grateful for every exchange you and your partner share. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone in their life who will listen and offer their support on a daily basis.

On the flip-side, not everyone has someone they can share their good times with, either.

It’s certainly something to be thankful for.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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Written by Stephanie Potter on behalf of Hollywood Psychics. Online psychic readings, meditation, and cooking are some of Steph’s hobbies when she needs a little “me” time.

Steph – who has written posts on GeekandJock.