Setting Relationship Goals

As partners, you intend to make the relationship last forever.

If you are not into the long haul, then there is no need to have a relationship in the first place. Couples enter into a relationship because of an ultimate goal they want to achieve.

It is important that couples have a reality check by setting goals to achieve the dreams that they have and make it come true.


Plan and define your goals

Defining goals helps couples in a relationship to work with a common aim.

defining goals in your relationship

Plan to succeed in your relationship and you will!

Like any other team out there, the goals are the embodiment of each one’s dreams. This enables the couple to focus on what they want to happen in the future.You can work on retiring at the age of 50 and become financially stable by then.

A goal could be the ability to have a global cruise and living off passive income that you have had built over the years.

However, both of you must keep in mind that no person must be hurt or aggravated along the process of achieving your goals.


Make a list

List the things that are important to you.

This will make your plan more tangible.

It allows each person in a relationship uncover your personality. Spend a weekend together, preferably in a place that doesn’t have distractions.

Couples that share their lists will have a better grasp on their goals for the future.

This will also give both of you the feeling that you play an important part in your partner’s life, which is very crucial for each relationship to last. Always remember that the goals should not only be for your own selfish dreams.

The goals you set must contribute towards making your relationship last a lifetime.



Grade the areas of your life according to importance.

what is important in your life and relationship

Should you focus on material things or relationship areas, as important?

This allows you and your partner to focus and train your sights on the things that both of you find important.

As couples you could start prioritizing income for savings to invest on a mutual fund. You can also choose to prioritize your time and effort on more important areas in life like maintaining good health so you can live longer.

Both of you should be able to determine the level of importance of all the significant things or aspects in your relationship.

Knowing which to prioritize will prevent both of you from being exposed to stress and anxiety.

On the other hand, your partner could suffer from stress or anxiety if he or she is not aware about your goals or priorities in life.


Ask the expert

Experts are needed to assess whether or not the goals set are realistic and practical.

A third-party insight on the goals gives you a more real-world feel of your aim. This will lessen the burden of setting goals that are improbable in the first place. You can ask your pastor, priest or rabbi on what they can say about your goals.

Discussing your goals with your trusted advisor can give you a perspective about the aims that are more realistic and achievable.


Make your goals SMART

Write your goals and make sure that it is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time sensitive.

If it is not, then you need to revise it.

An example is saving for an IRA. You need to ask if how long, how much, can you save up and will you be able to generate the funds for the savings.

You could also take a mortgage for a house. You need to know how much the amortization is, can you afford it, is it something you can do and for how long the mortgage will run.

A SMART goal is one that has better chances of becoming a reality. If it is not, then it is most likely that it will just remain a goal and will have lesser possibility of becoming true.

When setting goals in a relationship, couples need to be flexible, committed and focused on achieving the aim. The collaboration can give you an opportunity to understand how the other half feels. It will create a better union between you and partner.

A journey through life needs a map and the goal setting will bring you closer to the destination as a couple.


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