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Better Xmas Cheer

Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year.

No matter where you’re living, there’s a sense of joviality and merry-making.

Some people may resort to hanging some mistletoe above someone’s head to get a cheeky kiss.

However, there are easier ways to capture someone’s attention.


Here are a couple of Christmas date ideas that have worked for us, and should work for you too.

Volunteer Together

This may sound a little off-beat, but this is the season to give back to others.

Volunteering is the real life equivalent of watching a feel good film, and will give you both a warm and fuzzy glow inside.

While it’s not really suitable for a first date, it’s a great way to demonstrate your social conscience and compassionate nature to someone on a subsequent date.

If this sounds appealing, take the reins and arrange the logistics for you and your date.


Bake Together

You can tell a lot about someone by how they bake a cake.

Carefree and easy-going types will usually add liberal sprinklings of this and that.

Methodical and organised types will follow recipes to the letter.

Baking a cake or biscuits together can be enormous fun.

Try something Christmas-oriented and quirky like a gingerbread-house or, for something easier, try butter shortbread. As a bonus you can both take them away, tart them up with decorations and give them as gifts!

If your baking doesn’t work out, no problem, at least you had a laugh.

Get on your Christmas Bake Style
Get on your Christmas Bake Style


Dodge Potential Disasters

If you’ve been seeing someone for a while, the inevitable question comes up – whose family will we be spending Christmas with this year?

Try to avoid any blow-ups by arranging December 25th well in advance.

If you will be spending the majority of the day with your partner’s family, then make a compromise with your own family and break it to them in advance.

For more advice on avoiding Christmas conflicts, eHarmony provide a great guide.


Gift-Giving Gaffs

You can’t avoid it when a relative gives you a doll thinking that you’re still eight years old.

However, you can avoid that awkward pause when your partner gives you a gift.

It’s all about communication.

Get in there early and provide him or her with a wish list of several different things that you love, and get them to pick one.

This means it’s (partly) a surprise, but still a good surprise!


Go Easy On The Champers

Avoid sticking your foot in it, with your date’s family.

On Christmas day, put the brakes on when it comes to refills of champagne, sherry, eggnog, and other free-flowing party juices.

Instead let your hair down with your date or partner, and have a hilarious party for two after you leave.

Steady as you go, under the Mistletoe
Steady as you go, under the Mistletoe

Organising the perfect Christmas date is easy.

Whether you’ve recently met someone, you’re in a long term relationship, or you’re having the time of your life being single, channel your inner Dancer and Prancer and get frivolous and frisky.

Merry Christmas!


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