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How To Boost The Libido

eat healthy to enhance your libido
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A little while after I was married, I found that my sexual relationship with my partner was dwindling.

It started out as a minor issue, my partner had just found a new job and my work was as hectic as ever.

Like most couples, it was just hard to find enough time.

After a while, it grew into a larger issue.

Suddenly it wasn’t just about sex anymore.

After doing some research I found some sex tips, some that just make plain sense and others that I personally have tried out and recommend.

Even just being here means that you care enough to work on your relationship and increase your sex drive.

Try these libido-boosting tips and you’ll be enjoying things more than ever!

Drink Can Be a Libido Enhancer

Yep, that’s right!

Have a drink but only one.

One drink can help you relieve stress and tension but be careful; if you have too much, alcohol can really hinder your ‘performance’.

I’ve never been a big drinker but after trying this tip, I understand why it’s so popular!

Of course, this will only work with a small drink. Having just one glass of your favorite alcohol really sets you at ease. After a hard day in the office, I would usually come home and need some time to myself to unwind.

These days just one small beer will take the edge off, get me to stop thinking about work, relax and be in the moment.

excessive boozing can affect your desire for sex
Be careful of excessive boozing



Getting enough sleep is important for every aspect of your life and that includes your libido.

You’ll need to keep your energy levels up if you want to have some great sex or any as the case may be. This, as well as the next tip, are definitely my favorites.

This one’s really a no-brainer.

We all need more sleep, after I set up a good sleeping routine and stuck with it for a couple of weeks I found that not only was my sex drive increased but other areas of my life improved as well.

I was less stressed, was able to focus more and not only did I get more sex but better sex!


Stress will wreak havoc with your sex life.

Not only will it decrease your libido it can also lead to trouble in your relationship. Before hopping into bed try a hot bubble bath or relaxing massage to get you in the mood. We all have different ways of relaxing so do whatever works for you.

I found that setting some time aside for myself every day was incredibly beneficial to my own well-being and my relationship.

Taking some “me time” to focus on myself and forget about the pressures of everyday life increased my libido enormously.

I’d set aside some time each day to unwind and even before the time was up I’d be raring to go!

Aphrodisiacs – Get a Libido Enhancer

Try out some well-known aphrodisiacs with your partner.

Take some ginseng herbal tea, some chocolate, or chili, and see what works.

Of course, it may not produce the desired effects but spending some time working on it with your partner will.

This is one that my partner and I tried out together.

I’m not sure that they actually worked in the way they were supposed to but they did help my partner and I spend some playful time together.

Get your chocolate on!
Get your chocolate on!


Smoke Decreases Sex Drive – Sorry!

If you’re a smoker wanting to increase your libido, one of the best things you can possibly do is to quit.

Smoking causes your blood vessels to narrow which decreases blood flow to your sexual organs reducing your sex drive.


Doing some regular exercise can work wonders!

It will improve the blood flow to your sexual organs and keep you feeling energized and fit. Working out will also help you to feel good about yourself and any boost in self-esteem is a boost to the libido.

This is another one of my favorite tips.

You’d think exercising would tire you out and leave you wanting sex less but in fact, doing around 30 minutes of exercise a day, even when it was just going for a walk, really helped.

I felt more energized and thinking about sex while working out really boosted my libido.

Lose the extra weight

Again self-esteem comes into the mix here.

Losing those excess kilos will boost your self-esteem and in turn your sex-drive.

People overweight are also likely to experience reduced blood flow to those essential areas.

Get rid of the bulge and get more bulge
Get rid of the bulge and get more bulge


Eat Healthily

Not only are many of the healthiest foods also aphrodisiacs, eating well will increase your overall health, but you’ll also feel better about your body and have more energy for play.

Eating the right foods will also increase blood flow to your sexual organs and boost your confidence.

This is another energy booster and as such, I found this particular tip helpful.

Even without looking into the kinds of foods that are supposed to increase your sexual desire, just eating healthier worked wonders.


Sex should be a priority.

It’s great for your health and wellbeing.

If things aren’t heating up enough in the bedroom, incorporate some cheeky bedroom games or toys to share into the mix and enjoy each other.

Savvi has a great selection!

This is definitely the most fun tip to try. I found that dressing up and getting flirty with my partner really helped us both get in the mood.


Love Yourself

Corny right?

But it’s true.

Amongst these tips to boost your sex-drive are tips to increase your self-esteem.

If you’ve got bad self-esteem you’re probably not getting much and if you’re not getting much your self-esteem is probably getting worse. These two things usually go hand in hand.

Break the cycle by not only working to increase your sex drive but to increase your self-esteem too!

Talk to your doctor

If you’ve tried out the tips above and they’re just not cutting it, it might be time to go see your GP or gynecologist, there may be something more serious at play here.

If all else fails, call the doctor, OK?
If all else fails, call the doctor, OK?

They’ll be able to help you look into your hormone levels and see what’s really going on.


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Sandra Worlsey is a freelence Australian blogger who often covers topics on women’s health and gives useful tips and recommendations on sex and relationships.

Sandra – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

4 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Sex Drive or Libido”
  1. Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go its pretty damn good. Nice tips to increase sex life.

  2. lack of libido is not a disease, it can easily be treated with simple tips. there are food too which help in boosting sex drive. one should be physically active to increase the energy levels which will help in improving sex life. so focus on your physical health to have great sex. also it is important to share your fantasies with your partner for supe
    rb lovemaking.

  3. Good stuff! I believe in the natural approach to improve sexual health. Focusing on a healthy lifestyle rather than trying to find a cure-all pill. I don’t believe a pill can target the various types of sexual dysfunction women suffer from every day.

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