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The Magic Sometimes Ebbs

If you usually sleep in pyjamas or underwear – why not get into bed naked one night

For some couples after the excitement of the engagement and the excitement of their wedding day – settling down into married life can be nerve-wracking and worrying.

Some couples find themselves getting into a slump even at the extremely early stage of the relationship.

For other couples, it can be years before they feel the magic starting to wear off.

The important thing is recognizing this when it starts to happen though.

How To Keep A Marriage Fresh – After 2 Months Or 20 Years 1
Is your relationship starting to go a little stale?
Get hands-on with love, with these tips

Just because you and your partner get comfortable and feel relaxed around each other, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the relationship or that the relationship is stale though.

It simply means you might want to inject a bit of freshness into the relationship that’s all!

Like anything you’ve had for a while (whether it be an old clock or your relationship!) you need to dust it off every now and again to keep it fresh and for it to survive the test of time.

So here are some great tips for adding the spark back into your relationship, you don’t need to try them all (not all at once, anyway!) but finding one that suits you is a great idea.

You’ll feel that spark back in no time.


Meet up after work

Surprise your other half by meeting them after work and taking them out for a drink.

If you’re used to simply meeting up at home and eating dinner in front of the TV then this is a great way to shake things up.

If you’re driving and don’t want to drink – then take yourself out for a meal instead!

Pick a nice restaurant and spend those 4 hours after work doing something a bit different than usual.


Come to bed naked

If you usually sleep in pajamas or underwear – why not get into bed naked one night?

How To Keep A Marriage Fresh – After 2 Months Or 20 Years 2
If you usually wear PJs to bed,
experiment with some added skin against skin cuddling
You just might prefer it

Sometimes skin-to-skin contact is all a couple needs to get back their spark.

You’ll be surprised how much passion something as simple as the skin can conjure up.


Cook their favorite meal

When you know they’ve had a hard day, cook up their favorite meal (start, main course, and dessert) and surprise them with it.

Extra points if you rent out their favorite film to watch afterward too.

Dedicating yourself to showing them how much you care is something that would make anyone feel loved.


Rent a hotel room for the night

Sometimes all it takes to ignite things again is getting out of your everyday routine and your everyday environment.

Renting a gorgeous hotel room lets you escape away just for the night and will ease off any stress or worries you’ve been having.


Be spontaneous

Do something silly.

How To Keep A Marriage Fresh – After 2 Months Or 20 Years 3
Silly or Surprising?
It can be as simple as leaving a loving note or a cute message on a wall somewhere
What’s something you can do?

Book a last-minute holiday together and jet off unexpectedly.

Go and renew your vows in Las Vegas.

Take a trip to London and take a spin on the London Eye.

Doing things last minute makes us feel excited and young again – so don’t be afraid to go crazy!


Hold a games night

Getting competitive with your partner can often make the sparks fly.

Buy a board game like articulate and invite some other friends around to play.

As long as you and your partner are on the same team, you’ll see sparks fly as you try and win against other friends!


Buy them a gift

It can be anything (and could cost 50p or £500).

The price isn’t the point – the point of this gesture is to show them you were thinking of them.

Make it something funny or romantic – the idea is to make them feel special.


What About You?

What’s just one tip or hint that you’ve used to keep that relationship alive and pumping?
(Why it worked would be nice to know too)

How To Keep A Marriage Fresh – After 2 Months Or 20 Years 4

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14 thoughts on “How To Keep A Marriage Fresh – After 2 Months Or 20 Years”
  1. This is really true. Married couple should really do things that would enable them to stay connected with each other. From what I remember, my parents always make sure they have their date night and until now, they plan trips together and they still surprise each other in simple ways.

    1. Now that is just cool, Elena.
      How long have your parents been married? Do both your mother and father do little things to surprise each other?

      1. They’ve been married for 30 years already. They surprise each other by just spontaneously bringing their favorite food when they get home from work.

        1. Congrats to my Mum and Dad then.
          Sounds like they’ve go the secret sauce well and truly worked out and working.
          They should write a blog post or two for GeekandJock on all their relationship secrets :)

  2. We rent a hotel room if we can’t get away, as it always makes us feel more connected. We love staying in hotels for just a night or two, but we also love traveling and staying in them longer! Traveling, and seeing and experiencing new things is where we really find ourselves living the moment in our relationship and feeling absolutely connected and alive.

    1. Oh wow, Bellaisa – that’s so cool.

      At the end of the day, if you can get some extra Ooomph in doing something special with your partner, no matter what it is, then it’s worth it.

      I gotta say though, both you two are just like Pam and me. We so love traveling too – though the worst part of traveling is the actual traveling :) But I get your point.

      Do you think it’s the additional excitement of being in a new place, with new experiences that gives you the feeling of being connected though?

      1. Oh, that’s neat – we share a few things in common. In answer to your question:

        Absolutely! I have always experienced that traveling is the best way to live in the moment, because you are not doing routine things that you can mindlessly do while thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. Instead, you are experiencing new and exciting things and really being present.

        That said, I also think living in the moment is the best way to experience life, and even your partner. Saverio, my husband, seems more of a real person to me when travelling instead of the guy that I am in a relationship with. Outside our comfortable, routine environment we are really able to experience each other as we enjoy the experience of traveling. Not that we don’t experience each other on a daily basis, but it’s just more intense and I feel more connected to him. I could write a book on this thought!

        1. It’s definitely being outside ‘the norm’ that does it for us. Freshness in a relationship certainly adds extra special sauce. Additional opportunities for different romance too, I think.

          And when you’re traveling, your partner is all yours too. Not being shared with home duties, mowing the grass and doing the dishes and making food for the kids. You both can be absorbed in each other’s magical being and energy.

  3. I would love to have my partner spring a surprise night or meal that is quite unique. Meaning, I have grown so comfortable with the routine meals that we alternately cook (whoever has the time and energy to spare in the kitchen), so having a romantic dinner (or lunch) would be really appreciated. Getting it in the newest place in town is added perk to kindle the sparks, too

    1. I know what you mean by having the energy in cooking at home. Pam and I simply have certain things we prefer to do in the kitchen and go from there – why is it I end up doing all the peeling though ? :)

      One thing you might like to explore is simply budgeting on a weekly (or so) lunch at a new place that’s nearby – makes it a fresh experience as well as price conscious.

      Have you thought about possibly combining that thought with surprising your partner with the first time?

      1. Yes. I’m getting there, too. Maybe this Father’s Day? I will have plenty of time to mull things through, so maybe I can come up with something unique and kind of ‘inspiring’ you know?

        1. Too true, Amy.
          For most of us, it’s simply the act our partner has gone out of they way to do something special … That highlights they’re special in our hearts. Instant Smile time.

          Very much the case of the little things, in life.

    1. I’d be interested to know what areas you’d feel need the most attention, from your point of view?
      What been your experience?

      And thanks for the visit and comment too.

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