Travel and have a continued and loving relationship with your partner

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Without The Meltdown

So, you’ve finally saved enough for that belated vacation in Paris, or perhaps you and your spouse have found the time after several years together to travel to the Amalfi Coast?

You daydream about it all the time – waking up at your leisure, sharing a bottle of Pinot Noir while the sun goes down, and exploring the vibrant culture of wherever you may be. But what if things don’t go as smoothly as that?

Traveling with your spouse can no doubt be a time of relaxation, romance, and joy.

But going unprepared can also be a time of stress, unrelenting compromise, and unexpected surprises.

Want your marriage to survive your next international vacation?

prepare and win when you vacation with your partner

Here’s how to prepare for it with ease while enjoying every moment!


Bad Habits Are Magnified

When your spouse leaves his socks lying all over the house at home, that’s one thing.

When you spend every second together during your vacation to Bermuda and he’s still leaving his socks for you to pick up, that’s quite another.

And, while you’re not perfect either, it’s a smart idea to prepare yourself for the notion that just because you’re not in Kansas anymore, these slightly annoying behavioral habits will follow you on your trip.

Consider talking about it beforehand, and going easy on one bad habit of yours (biting your nails) in exchange for them to become more aware of one of theirs.


Don’t Hog the Itinerary Planning


It can be easy for one partner to dominate the itinerary.

Although it’s out of excitement and love of going to your dream destination, take it easy and remember that two people are on this vacation – not just you.

What activities does your spouse want to do or see?

While you want to visit as many art museums in Germany as possible, make sure you consider his love of golf to play just as important of a role here.

Compromise part of your time doing what the other person loves and trust us! – that will save you a headache later on.


Over Budget!

Nothing can add stress to a romantic trip quite like running out of money.

Think you have saved enough for that five star hotel in Munich?

Have you checked out the average cost of a cab fare in Amsterdam or Jamaica and feel confident you know how much to budget for meals out? Vacations almost always come with unforeseen costs (especially in other countries) and while your intentions may be good, over budgeting is the safest way to enjoy your vacation without dealing with money stress.

Maybe you didn’t plan on swimming with the dolphins until you saw your partner do it, or didn’t expect to find a necklace you can’t live without while window shopping.  Although you don’t have to spend everything you bring, it’s always better than not having enough.

Vacationing together as a couple can be a wonderful experience, and when you prepare for it with a little extra consideration of your partner’s feelings, budget enough money for those unforeseen “extras” and most of all, enjoy every moment at your ideal vacation spot, you will have all that you envision for the great romantic getaway you have been daydreaming about!

What are some of the ways you’ve safeguarded your own previous travel experiences?

Have you had some vacation disasters that you’ve learned from?

How to Vacation With Your Spouse Without Killing Each Other! 1

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4 thoughts on “How to Vacation With Your Spouse Without Killing Each Other!”
  1. The video is not working :( But for us, the itinerary is never a problem, unless we are on vacation with another couple – then it is a disaster! When it’s just us, we pretty much enjoy the same things.

    I can honest say that we have never had a disaster, or even a fight, on vacation.

  2. Another thing that’s important is that you have to make sure that your partner is in for the vacation too and he/she is not only pressured or forced to go because you wanted to go so bad. You have to see that both of you are really interested on that vacation and that both of you are planning your itinerary together (just like what you’ve mentioned).

    1. For sure, Sara.
      If your partner isn’t ‘all in’ for any activity, especially a holiday or vacation, then things are going to be pretty tough in being able to enjoy yourselves.

      Your comment is very welcome is driving home the point too.

      Sounds like you might have lived this in real life?

  3. Great article! Just as vacations encounter unexpected twists and turns, so do relationships. But, you don't abandon your partner when you hit a rough patch, just like you don't cancel your trip two days in and head home. I found a lot of similarity between our articles and think you would benefit from taking a look at it . just as much as I have enjoyed reading yours! Happy travels.

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