exercise for better sexual happiness

We all know about the health benefits of exercise.

But, what if I told you exercising could actually improve your sex life?

Well, it’s true.

Exercising can lead to more frequent and better quality of sex.

exercise gives you better sex drive
OK, time to pump it up!


Here’s how …

Appearance and Self-Esteem

An obvious goal of exercise is to make you look better.

You want to lose weight and gain tone and definition.

While you may only see this as a way to make your partner more attracted to you, it’s actually more important that this make you feel great about yourself.

When you exercise, you feel better because you know you are doing something that improves your body.

When you know you look fit and sexy, you become aroused more easily and are more eager to have sex.

Not to mention, your partner will be drawn to you like a bug to the best mosquito trap.


Stress Relief

Exercise is also important as stress relief.

Physical activity releases endorphins which cause a natural high. When you are feeling stressed, exercise actually makes you feel better and gives you more energy.

Exercising regularly allows you to more effectively manage the stress in your life.

Stress is one of the main deterrents to sex.

Even though sex is a great stress-relieving technique, if you’re too stressed to become aroused, sex just doesn’t happen.

Exercise helps you relax so stress doesn’t get in the way of your sex life.


Endurance and Flexibility

Regular exercise, especially cardio, improves your endurance so you can last longer while having sex, even at a fast pace.

Strength-building exercises, such as weight lifting, also make it possible for you to hold difficult sex positions longer.

Perhaps the most fun advantage is flexibility.

By stretching during your regular exercise routine, you can improve your flexibility, which can open up a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

Sex also gets better just because you are having it more often!

Frequent sex makes it easier to become aroused and increases your familiarity with what you do and don’t like.


The Best Exercises

It doesn’t take a lot to improve your sex life.

A simple exercise routine a few times a week can make all the difference. There are so many options, you just have to decide what is best for you.

If you enjoy exercising alone, walking or jogging is a great option. You might also want to look into different exercise DVD programs to find something fun that will get you motivated.

For a really great time, join a fitness class.

Yoga is perfect for stress relief, endurance and especially flexibility.

Or, for something more flirty and fun, there are a variety of dancing classes that aim to make you feel sexy while getting a great workout.

As long as you are moving your body on a regular basis, you’ll notice a difference in your health, happiness and especially in your bed.


Get Busy

Getting a good workout can lead to more fun between the sheets.

So, get moving! For an even better sexual experience, have your partner exercise with you.

When you both look great, feel great and are in prime physical shape, your sex life will be on fire.


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