Charlie and Allan on Healthy Relationships

I just watched an episode of Two and a Half Men which I, strangely, find extremely amusing.

Amusement in the timing as well as the interesting, almost true-to-life goings-on between Allen and Charlie. I see the subtle parallels between the two of them within us all.

The good guy, bad guy scenario. The ‘I want to be a playboy’ versus ‘I’m a wonderful and stable companion’.

Those voices in our heads continually chattering on about what to do and what not to do.

charlie and allen are two unbalanced individuals

Charlie and Allen – two unbalanced individuals

Should I do this or am I expected to do that and, for that matter, does that bode well with me?

Do I rush headlong into a relationship with this person or is there something I should be concerned about that I’ll eventually regret?

I’ve spoken to a lot of guys about how we go about building healthy relationships and we all have those voices.

Some guys think at a very intuitive level (in a heart space) and other guys think out every tiny nuance or possibility about that other person (headspace). Personally, I’m very much the intuitive type and trust what my gut instinct tells me – I’ll certainly admit that’s not always been the case.


One Plus One Equals One

Coming back to the Allen and Charlie scenario though.

Check these two guys out.

Charlie is the typical booze-swilling playboy, oozes self-confidence, not a care in the world, and, yet, craves for the eventual steady relationship whilst wondering whether that relationship is going to eventually fall away, with this historical behavior.

Allen, on the other hand, is nerdish, he continually questions his behavior, he lacks self-confidence and is almost desperate for a long-term relationship.

I look at these two characters and, when morphed together, they literally form a balanced person.

By balanced, I mean self-confident, at ease with the opposite sex, responsible, and sharing their life with love.

To be honest, those are the sorts of qualities we’re all searching for. You’ll only find those balanced relationship answers if you’re honest enough to admit.


The Gift of Two

And balance has so many forms that permeate our lives.

The Geek and The Jock are the balance of a person’s outlook or persona.

Masculine and Feminine energies (or another way of saying that is the Active and Passive) make up a man as well as a woman – all human beings have both active as well as passive natures though often they can be unbalanced in an individual.

The true gift of a balanced relationship between a man and a woman is that individual imbalance can come back into balance when we’re open to giving and sharing our strengths with the other.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post. Here’s what you can do next:

  • From imbalance comes balance when you’re open to receiving the gift. Are you?
  • What’s another thing you can do to get more relationship balance?
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