do not confuse alcohol addiction with intimacy increases

Fotolia_27996749_Subscription_Monthly_XXLLack Or Over-Indulgence?

 Is your love life in the bedroom lacking?

Have you tried to enhance that department of your relationship by sipping some bubbly to get you or your spouse in the mood?

If so, this may actually have a reverse effect on intimacy in your relationship.


Is It a Myth?

Over the years, couples have believed that alcohol is an aphrodisiac and in some cases have relied on alcohol to stimulate their sex drive.

This could be a major issue between a couple if either one has developed an alcohol problem, or if they use alcohol as a way to stimulate romance or arousal.

If using alcohol is the only way you’re sexually attracted to your spouse, the problems in your relationship may run deeper than you think.


Side Effects Too

Many women do feel an increase in arousal after consuming alcohol; however, there can be unwanted side effects especially in a couple trying to conceive.

While according to CNN, women who drink red wine have reported “higher levels of sexual desire” there are conflicting reports of alcohol interfering with sexual stimulation and the desire to be intimate.

[1] In addition to a decrease in sexual desire, alcohol can create fertility problems and interfere with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Men may suffer from adverse side effects of consuming too much alcohol which can directly impair sexual function.

If you or your partner have created unhealthy drinking habits regarding your sexual activity, there are other ways to create romance without involving alcohol or believing that it is necessary to be intoxicated before so.

Love each other in all ways and work out problems. Makes Sense, doesn't it?
Love each other in all ways and work out problems. Makes Sense, doesn’t it?


Massage and Libido

A sensual massage can be both relaxing and stimulating to the libido, experiment by introducing oils.

Another way to create romance is to explore different sexual avenues through talking with your partner about your wants or needs.

This is an easy way to discover what one another enjoys and desires when it comes to intimacy.

Open communication in regards to your relationship in itself is a great way to increase trust and closeness. Simple touching between partners has also be proven to increase intimacy levels. Whether this is through holding hands, embracing in a hug or kissing, these small act can cause arousal in both of you.

As you grow and mature as a couple your everyday routine may become boring.

Try creating excitement between the two of your by taking a spontaneous trip or trying a new activity.

These are simple ways to cut out the alcohol while still increasing sexual desire.


Moderation Is Always the Key

While adding a bottle of wine or champagne to a night of romance isn’t a bad thing, alcohol should not be used constantly especially if you are simply bored with your sexual relationship.

If there are problems in your marriage or relationship such as trust issues, infidelity or stress, these can all directly affect you or your partner’s libido.

It’s best to talk these issues out and introduce new techniques to ignite the fire in both of you once again.

Rest assured, no matter how far your love life or marriage may have diminished, it can always be recovered if you both work towards it.


Get Help, Get Back on Track

Overcoming an alcohol problem is also obtainable if it is impacting your relationship and overall quality of life.

Help your spouse with their drinking by supporting their desire to cut down or completely stop drinking.

If you are the one that is working through an alcohol problem, communicate with your partner and begin to slowly cut back each day on the amount of alcohol you are consuming.

In these situations, a journal can also be useful to track down your feelings or emotions each time your desire an alcoholic drink to truly understand the underlying issues of why alcohol is important to you, in that moment.

Remember this process will take time, as any lifestyle change does.

Working through these issues will help you and your spouse become closer than ever before.

Do something about your intimacy problem before it is too late
Do something about your intimacy problem before it is too late


What’s Your Opinion?

  • Have you battled alcohol and came out on top?
  • Has alcohol ever affected your sex life, in any way?
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Is Alcohol Fueling The Intimacy In Your Relationship? 1

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5 thoughts on “Is Alcohol Fueling The Intimacy In Your Relationship?”
  1. Alcohol is not a romantic stimulant. It lowers inhibitions and that can be good if you are in a Long Term Relationship, lowering inhibitions allows for open conversations about fantasies, sex and the relationship. That could be good or bad. One of the bad side effects for women is that the inability/difficulty to reach orgasm. One side effect for males is the inability to reach full erection. Men would like to keep going but “he” will not quite cooperate. So it is really best if you are going to consume keep it to a reasonable level, one or two. And remember Not to Drink and Drive.

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, Vixen.
      Yep, too much booze isn’t good for the guy and too much can get the girl in all sorts of problems. Like all things in life, moderation is the key and know your thresholds before you reach a problem point.
      I didn’t know about a woman’s orgasm being inhibited by alcohol – got any references to that?

      1. Thank you for the comment, Martin! You are right that it is very important for a person who decides to engage in drinking to recognize the signs that his/her own body signals.

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