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Sexual desire is different in all of us, men and women as well as different men and different women.

I read a lot of relationship blogs and magazines about how romance is considered a prerequisite for all (or the majority) of women.

Having said that, there’s also a vast array of other online content that suggests there’s an awful lot of other women who just love to screw and get their rocks off as well.


Is it a case of marital status?

I’m sure there’s a higher number of singles than partnerships where getting laid, without too much foreplay, is the norm.

Primarily due to sexual availability.

Though does this take into consideration that when there’s abundant availability that there are other agendas going on such as unconscious sexual ransom on the part of the female since she’s got ‘the goods to make it happen’?


Is it just guys?

We’re all sexual creatures.

There’s different drivers going on however at it’s primal level, sex is fulfilling and gratifying as well as highly pleasurable, when mutually regarded as such.

Does this mean that it’s basically gender-neutral?

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Is It OK to Just Want To Screw Sometimes? 1

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