Dr Phil is a total showman. Oprah wins when it comes to really helping

Is Dr. Phil Good or Crap?

Personally, I think Dr. Phil is more Dr. Entertainment – the show really is opposed to providing real life and supportive relationship advice.


Bullyboy Tactics

There are good and helpful television-based entertainers that actually do help people move through their personal challenges.

Unfortunately, I personally find Dr. Phil isn’t one of them and would challenge him and his supporters (like my second wife, South African, Pamela Allen) to disagree with what I have to say here.

Oprah, as a shining example, has constantly displayed a pro-active interest in adding true value to her audiences’ lives.

What’s the difference in the way she goes about her show in comparison to Dr. Phil?

A genuine display and actions to move that person or persons forward in their lives as opposed to a television entertainers’ showmanship.

It isn’t a matter of conflict or one side versus the other, for Oprah.

Dr. Phil engages his audience in competitive behavior and aggression – wrong! It’s negative and derailing, for the entire situation – both the participants and the audience.


Football Coach Psychology

That’s right, instead of nurturing, he’s got a stage full of people who are out to get their ‘pound of salt’ and/or to come out as the winner of the situation.

Look, I’m sure Dr. Phil has ended up helping people through some troubling times.

I’m equally sure the other parties in those situations remain in a victim mentality and feel ‘wronged’ or, at the very least, negatively focused towards the reason they were on his show, in the first place. The outcome of resolution-based television shows needs to be a win-win situation for all.

Relationship management isn’t about a winner or a loser.

That’s the integrity Oprah displays.

I’m man enough to admit I’ve been constantly inspired by her and dismayed by how Dr. Phil handles people, despite his supposed credibility in professional authority.


Relationship Authority?

There’s an abundance of TV Shock-Jocks, on the airwaves these days.

Their prime driver of increasing their stake in the ratings revolves around sensationalism.

They present the audience with something they find personally horrid, confronting, or simply unbelievable.

That’s exactly the format Dr. Phil follows.

Is that the manner you’d really like a relationship situation to be handled between you and your partner?



So is this really a case of people who are out for the same result as Dr. Phil himself i.e. Entertain, Win at all costs, get their slice of TV Glory?

If two people having problems recognize they do have some issues, are they really likely to want some television host to sort those issues out on prime time International TV? I mean, really?

Personally, it’s more a case of those on his show who just want to see and hear and vindicate themselves in front of others so they are seen as the winner.

These people don’t give a damn for the other party nor their relationship.


Your next step

Avoid thinking people like Dr. Phil are there for you or your situation.

They’re after TV Ratings, personal gain, and will toss you away and move onto the next pot of gold, once your 15 minutes of glory has been aired.


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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