You’re On My Heart Just Like A Tattoo

Can I ask you to first have a listen to Jordin Sparks – Tattoo song and just let it immerse you in the feeling, spirit, and love the song has.

It’ll only take 4 minutes from your life and I guarantee it will be an enjoyable and heartfelt 4 minutes too.


How did it make you feel?


From Failure To Relationship Success

What really is magical is the story for so many and a trip that many of us have yet to travel.

Relationships with others are one of life’s most interesting journeys.

We start with what we think is love, only to discover we’ve all got lessons to learn in relating to others and, more importantly, discovering our own failings and what we’ve got to learn to have a truly successful and loving relationship.


Your ‘ Love Eyes ‘ Are Wide Shut

eyes wide open - accept and learn

Acceptance is the best start
Wisdom and Growth come next

You know, every relationship starts with both partners going in with their eyes wide shut. We think we know where it’s leading … rarely does it.

The real magic is in the unraveling.

Awakening a new spark within and, hopefully, giving from without.

Whether the relationship is successful or otherwise is irrelevant when we’re open to expanding our boundaries.

That other person will have made an indelible impression on your character, your behavior, and your next steps … your life’s direction. Even better if they’re going along for the ride with you but it’s OK if they’re not too.


You’re On A Roll-Coaster With A Safety Belt

life's rollcoaster is for enjoyment and not pain

Ahh The rollcoaster of life
Hang on tight, make it count, and enjoy the ride

Being immersed with another person will always have its ups and downs – roller-coasters can be fun as well as frightening.

If you have a mind to enjoy the ride for what it is, you’ll arrive at a point exhilarated and panting for more.

Putting up self-made roadblocks such as dishonesty, mistrust, jealousy, and transparency is simply wasting both your time. When you both know what’s going on (and I do mean totally and fully), wouldn’t you agree you’ll not only bypass significant conflict but you’ll just make life that much easier to get through?

Don’t waste time with bullshit – help them get maximum value from you.

Let them into your world.

Explain your thoughts.

Tell them what you’re thinking and why.

Be exposed to the only other person who has the power to hurt – the honest trust is in them protecting you.


Be Ok With Yourself And Move On

Everything we talk about here leads in the direction of maintaining a magical relationship with someone you completely love.

With that said, some relationships just aren’t meant to be. Remember your first love? Second. Third.

That’s the point, isn’t it?

Never think of previous relationships as roadkill. They’ve been placed in your path as an experience to gain insights, for when your ultimate soulmate does come along.

That’s got to be worth waiting for.


Over To You

Now that we’ve reached the bottom, here’s what you can do next:

  • What was your feeling after listening to Tattoo?
  • Do you think of your previous partners as roadkill or as a bump in the journey?
  • What’s one thing you’re grateful for, from a previous ‘ex’?
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And thanks for reading too – I’ll see you in the comments.

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