don't leave me Jane love peom


Why I loved you dear ?

Now I feel shame……

Don_t_Leave_me_jane_gurji virk


Love… for you… Was just a game..



Where I am roaming is an empty lane,

Just empty as the heart of Jane,

Feelings get changed they are never same,

Love for you was just a game…


They are pinching me the university grounds,

How should I suffer these wounds?

Friends always tease me on her name,

Love for whom, was just a game


Why you left me for a mortal fame,


Don’t  kill me dear with a fake blame,

Please don’t leave me, don’t leave me Jane

Why u made it? Just a game…


Author- Gurji virk

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Love - Jane's GAME 1

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4 thoughts on “Love – Jane’s GAME”
  1. Beautiful poem John.
    I just read Martin’s post about his marriage breakup and this poem reminds me how some people just don’t understand love and it is a game to them. I think his wife Pam is a bit like Jane, in this poem. Has no idea what she just gave up and gave away, without so much as an effort.
    Beautiful poem and worth the time to read it, John. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all.

    1. its all my pleasure Bella.
      I have also read that martins post and when i was writing this the image of the girl which was in my mind was just same as the martins post .. i was also thinking this thing which you wrote

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