do you choose and balance love and business

Which Do You Choose?

Feeling a little lost in the maze?

A career-oriented person focuses more his/her attention on work – or business.

For those who are married, this trait often leads to losing time for family and loved ones.

Those who are in a relationship usually neglect their partner because of the “focus on business” mentality.

Importance of Business

If you are running your own business, chances are, you will never let any chance (to grow your business) just pass by your hands.

Obviously, you are going to grab every opportunity for the business to generate more income and flourish. Some business owners turn the nights into days for the sake of the business. They spend long hours in front of the computer studying proposals, reading business papers, and thinking of strategies to make it big.

A successful business means a lot to the owner, employees, and the market.

Spending more time in your office chair instead of your bed with your partner can weaken the spark of your relationship.

In the long run, this scenario will lead to a break-up or worse, having a third-party.

Career-oriented people claim that working so hard to grow the business is meant for their future – for a better future.

Indeed this is true!

What will happen to the future if you can’t buy food to eat, buy a decent house to stay and send your children to school? Will you put your future at risk?

Remember, failed business affects not only the owner but the family of the laborers as well.

Importance of Love

“Love makes the world go round” according to a song.

Maybe true.

Imagine a successful business person – a CEO perhaps, power and wealth are on his hands; but whenever he goes home, nobody is there to welcome him home.

No one is there to ask how was his day. Surrounded by money and known for its high reputation, but the house is empty – empty of people who loved him and cared for him.

There are many people who are living in this situation.

They look happy when they are outside – in the business world, however, they feel lonely when they are home. These people might look happy and satisfied; but in reality, loneliness fills their hearts. On the other hand, people who are loved always look at the bright side of the world even in their worst times.

Maybe it’s really true that love can change one’s perspective in life.

Why Choose?

Torn between love and business?

does business outweigh love
Can you say the same for business?

Maybe you are one of those hard-working individuals who want to reap success in the business world, yet you do not want to lose those special people in your life. Other people will probably tell you to choose. They will tell you to think things over, and then pick which one is more important.

It would be a very hard decision to make – sacrificing one for the sake of the other one.

But why choose when you have other options?

Balance is the Key

In this situation, the only thing you can do is balance things.

If you cannot afford to lose one, you should practice balancing these two.

Create a schedule when to spend time with your loved ones and business matters. Never bring office work at home; but if you cannot avoid taking business decisions at home, always set a time.

For instance, if you need to think of ways to get business expansion loans, allot one or two hours for it. In case you were not able to decide, continue it in the office the following day.

The time for your family or partner should never be taken away because of work stuff. Time management is the ultimate key.

And most importantly, talk with your family or partner. Ask for support and understanding.

If love and business are well-managed, you will have a healthy and happy life.

Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

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This article is by Ashley O’connor. She enjoy writing about family, travel, home improvement and frugal living. In addition, she also makes reviews regarding medical and health related devices.

Ashley O’connor – who has written posts on GeekandJock.

2 thoughts on “Love Or Business: Which One will You Choose?”
  1. Hi Ashley,

    While I haven’t personally had to make the choice described in this post, I find this to be an interesting topic. I think we tend to complicate things by creating labels and definitions on what’s considered right and wrong/should vs. shouldn’t as it is…but we are living in the land of duality aren’t we…LOL

    When it comes to making a choice between a relationship or a career, I like your suggestion about seeking balance.
    I guess it would be a matter of which brings the most amount of joy – and then seeing how to possibly line up with that in both areas rather than having to choose.
    Definitely a thought provoking post.

    1. Hi Dana,

      Thanks for reading the article. And I’m glad you found it interesting. Indeed, we are living in the land of duality. It’s only us who make things complicated. :D

      I, myself, had a hard time thinking what will I choose if I really have to pick. I can’t sacrifice my family nor my career… I need them both. Both bring joy to my life. ;)

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