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I bet it was a special kind of magic.

Watching the embedded video was such a magical experience.

More Than The Wonderful Photography

It’s one of the best 2 minutes I could recommend you watch.

I’d sincerely ask you to watch through the entire 2 minutes ( it’s only 2 minutes! ) and I’ll draw some interesting conclusions as well as ask you a few thought provoking questions once you’re all done watching.

And while you’re watching, take some of your own notes in where you’re own life and relationship has similar parallels to these two young lovers.

So go on, click the play button and spend a great 2 minutes.


OK, we’ve watched the video which was simply a spender to behold.

There’s a few parallels, for a lasting and healthy relationship, I thought of after the first time I watched it too.

Whether in a young and loving relationship or an established one, we both tend to have commonalities.

Our film shows to young lovers traveling a similar path in their lives and eventually come together – what’s next I wonder?


In an established relationship, there’s a tendency for the journey to go off the rails.

You know the feeling where life is going at break neck speed, both are into different careers and each others interests become all-consuming.

The byproduct is the relationship now becomes two people simply living together without much sharing.


How many of you, in a seemingly healthy relationship, are traveling along together and headed towards to same goals?

For me, the best take-away from this wonderful movie was the freshness that both young lovers had for each other.


What do I mean by that?

The Magic of Young Love and You Today 1

We can all learn to appreciate that special lover we have now, by looking with fresh eyes

Think back for a few moments to when you and your partner first met.

What were you both feeling?

I bet it was a special kind of magic.

A sort of ‘I just can’t get enough of this person in my life’ feeling.

It’s like you’ve finally found someone who’s been missing from your own personal life’s jigsaw puzzle, isn’t it?


Speak Your Mind, With Your Opinion

Nice to see you made it to the end of the post. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Do you look at your partner every day through fresh eyes?
  • Are you still seeing them as the missing piece to your puzzle?
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Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The Magic of Young Love and You Today 2

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