men and women really behave poorly

Behaving Badly or Just Poor Judgement?

Let me start by first saying:

“Violence towards anyone (be they man, woman or child) is plain wrong and can’t be tolerated by any society.”


Why Male Bad Behavior?

There’s a huge volume of publicized news around men behaving badly.

I wonder whether this is all men’s fault though?

men behaving badly or are they
Is it just men or is everyone behaving badly?

Yes, I know about sport-stars and politicians being poor role-models and featured prominently in the News.


From DC to Texas: Men Behaving Badly
Tucson Citizen
 – Check out several news stories and two videos which highlight men behaving badly in Congress and multiple state legislatures. Heavy sigh.


And certainly, testosterone can be a contributing factor when it comes to aggression and temper tantrums, in men.

Historically (and before gender equality efforts), men have had an upper hand over women – I’m talking acceptance of the way they act and a perceived acceptance of whatever men do.

But with equality, comes an acceptance and right for women to do the same or similar and be accepted also.


Behavior Fiction

Listen, grown adults are role models for both our youth and for our peers.

I believe what we do and how we do it is gender-neutral and both men and women display errors in judgment.

There are many examples of women behaving badly too, just like men.


Recently, I’ve seen News stories of young women publicly attacking a guy outside a courtroom, not to mention teenage and young women displaying a total disregard for themselves and others on Schoolies Week (out on school holidays with their male and female friends).

It’s nothing to do with gender, is it?


Society Allows Attitudes In Behavior

We are to blame for what we get!

Our equality has brought with it the freedom of self-expression, by anyone.

It’s a right to say anything and everything and that includes disrespectful and inappropriate actions.

Soccer Mums and Dads are a prime example where children are mimicking their parents.
Isn’t this an example of where restraint in actions and respect/education should be front of mind for adults?

Don’t we have ourselves to blame for what our children see and act out?

The lower age for accessibility to alcohol, combined with an underdeveloped brain of youth, is a path to more errors in judgment.


Social reorientation during entry to adolescence
The University of Oregon
 – A specific region of the brain is in play when children consider their identity and social status as they transition into adolescence — that often-turbulent time of reaching puberty and entering middle school …


The Behavior of Society – Next?

Stop blaming men for behaving badly and start taking responsibility yourself!

It’s pretty typical today that we like to place blame on others and keep our own heads in the sand. No, this isn’t the governments’ fault or our education system either.

It’s yours!

Society is a collective that includes you. Be the example you want others to emulate and you’ll be starting on the right path.

In my opinion, lead by example in all aspects of life.

  • Display respect to others, no matter the gender.
  • Consciously ask yourself how you’d like to be treated and act responsibly towards others
  • Question your own actions before complaining about others
  • What are you really teaching your children and how are other kids seeing you?
  • Are you even taking an active interest in your family’s social behavior or being a passive spectator like so many others in today’s society?

Lest you doom our future to one of violence and disrespectful stupidity.


Speak Your Mind Because I Know You Have One

  • Do you think it’s just men behaving badly or is everyone doing it?
  • Is it your responsibility to take action first?
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Remember – Speak your Mind in the comments below.

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  1. It is fascinating to me that people can be married for so long and love each other and then when they grow apart, they can treat each other worse than their worst enemy.

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